• Tips To Cut Down Sugar Addiction

    Tips to cut down sugar addiction,everybody love sugar. The food that contains sugar gives a wonderful taste to our mouth. But these sugar can damage your teeth. The sugar related dental problems are common today. Because people go after the taste without caring about their health. So to maintain a healthy body and oral health

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  • Dental Care Tips For Pregnant Mothers

    Dental Care Tips  For Pregnant Mothers are important to take care of the women who are pregnant. Not only the food and medicines but also their oral health is important. Taking care of mouth and teeth is really important. What happens when no proper precautions are taken? Let’s have a look at the major dental

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  • How To Avoid Plaque On Teeth?

    Plaque is a serious issue in this era. We have changed our eating habits and we are addicted to sugary foods. Due to the hectic life, we may tend to avoid brushing after dinner. And eating continuously due to the work pressure or tension in the office also produces plaque and other dental problems. Routine

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