• Benefits And Consequences Of Thumb Sucking Behaviour In Babies

    One of the natural reflexes for children is thumb sucking. Other than this children use to suck fingers, pacifiers or other objects that make babies feel secure and happy. Once the permanent teeth come out,thumb sucking behaviour in children leads to the improper growth of mouth and also affects the alignment of teeth. Pacifiers also

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  • Tooth Erosion

    The enamel of the teeth is the hardest part of a human body. But acids can remove this enamel on our teeth. That process is often referred to as tooth erosion. We all very much take care of the teeth we have. But some of our food practices and maybe some medicines will make problems

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  • Effect Of Stress On Teeth

    Effect Of Stress On Teeth

    All of us are tired up with a busy schedule and hectic workload. This unprecedented situations and schedules in our life bring out stress. We all know a certain level of stress is really needed in our life in order to become successful and to get more energized. Stress can severely affect our whole health

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  • Leukoplakia Treatment

    Leukoplakia Treatment The main symptom of leukoplakia disease is the thick white patches on the gums, inside portion of cheeks, mouth and sometimes in and around the tongue. These patches are thick and can’t be scraped off.   These white patches are based on the use of tobacco. If you chew or smoke tobacco this

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  • About Oral Cancer Causes & Symptoms

    Oral cancer mainly affects the lower lips, inside the mouth, throat, the tonsils or in the salivary gland. As per statistics and research men has more chance to have oral cancer. After 40 years men need to undergo checkups to avoid this disease. The alcohol consumption and the smoking habit is the major reason for

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