• Pregnancy And Dental Work

    Most of the carrying or expecting moms may have come across the questions related to dental works. Annual exams and dental cleanings are safe and recommended. Hormone level rise during the pregnancy causes gums to swell, bleed and eventually causes irritation to gums. It is very important and recommended to do preventive dental work to

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  • Dental Calculus and its Occurrence,Formation and Prevention

      Dental Calculus is a dental plaque composed primarily of calcium phosphate mineral salts deposited between the remnants of formerly viable microorganisms. It is of two types- supra- and subgingival calculus. Levels of calculus and location of formation are population specific. These are affected by oral hygiene habits, access to professional care, diet, age, ethnic origin, time

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  • How Drinking Water Improves Oral Health?

    Drinking water is required for bodies and keeps us healthy. It is the healthiest drink that keeps us hydrated that keeps our skin and organs healthy. Water is also good for losing the weight as there are no calories in water. Do you that drinking water is beneficial for oral health? Staying hydrated keeps nutrients

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