• Teeth Whitening Myths & Facts

      A beautiful smile is the combination of one’s attitude as well as the color of the teeth. If a dull, stainful teeth are there then we will worry to mingle with people. Because we know the color of the teeth is important while smiling. Teeth whitening can increase your smile confidence. So what is

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  • Reasons To Change Toothbrush Once In Three Months

    Do you remember the time when you have started brushing and flossing? Are you surprised to know that most of us are not properly brushing the teeth? Did you know proper brushing takes at least 2 minutes? What is the life of your toothbrush? What are the main Reasons To Change Toothbrush? Keep the four

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  • Major Reasons Behind Tooth Pain

    Causes of Tooth Pain Tooth pain has affected more than 70% of people in the world . This tooth pain put us upside down because it is so painful and we can’t eat or talk to anyone. Not all tooth pain is due to dental issues. There can be some other reasons too. Let’s have a

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