• Bulimia’s Effect On Teeth

    Bulimia is an eating disorder. People affected by the disease eat large amounts of food. Constant eating and purging are hard on heart, kidneys, other organs. Bulimia damages the teeth also. Bulimia is characterized by binge eating and vomiting. People with bulimia have an unrealistic body image. Also, people with bulimia may have normal weight

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  • Nano Dentistry

    Earlier, nano dentistry seemed to be fiction than fact, but in the present scenario with the advancements in science, technology and medicine, it will become a reality. When used with nanotechnology, that refers to the use of minute machinery that will manipulate the matter. Nanotechnology is employed to showcase virtually a product with the use

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  • Dental Sealants To Protect Your Teeth

    Dental Sealants Sometimes no matter how we try to protect our teeth by regular brushing and proper care, the teeth will get damaged, especially the back teeth called molars. Many people face this problem and they wonder how it happened. Sometimes the food particles will stay safe here and bacteria will feed on it and

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