Dental Care Tips For Pregnant Mothers

Dental Care Tips  For Pregnant Mothers are important to take care of the women who are pregnant. Not only the food and medicines but also their oral health is important. Taking care of mouth and teeth is really important. What happens when no proper precautions are taken? Let’s have a look at the major dental care tips for pregnant mothers.

Dental Care Tips For Pregnant Mothers

Dental Care Tips For Pregnant Mothers

  • Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy Gingivitis is common and the symptoms of it are the gums look redder and bleed when the pregnant women brush their teeth. It can start in the second month and after delivery, it will go. It is common in pregnant times but sometimes it can be due to increased hormone levels. The bacteria growth can enhance due to the increased hormone.

  • Tooth Erosion

Some pregnant women face severe morning sickness. They vomit many times and it can erode the enamel. After vomiting, the acids will stay in the mouth. It increases the risk of tooth erosion.

  • Dry Mouth

While pregnancy, women experience dry mouth. It is common and by drinking plenty of water and eating sugarless candies will stimulate saliva secretion. It will keep the mouth wet.

  • Periodontist

Periodontist serious gum disease makes your tooth lose. The swelling and infection on the gums is the reason behind this.

  • Tooth Decay

During pregnancy, the mouth contains more acids than normal. It will affect the enamel of the teeth and leads to tooth decay.

  • Pregnancy Tumors

Pregnancy tumors are not cancer, they are lumps that form on swollen gums and it can cause bleeding. Too much plaque on the teeth can cause this problem.

To avoid dental health issues do a complete checkup at your dentist before you are getting pregnant and make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Let’s have a look at the Do’s and Don’ts in pregnancy.

1st Trimester

    Change in the level of the hormone can cause pregnancy gingivitis. That is inflammation in the gums.

    Avoid dental works at this time

    During these times what you eat will affect the baby’s developing teeth.

2nd Trimester

    Safe to do dental procedures at these times.

    Due to hormone changes the pregnant women may experience Gingivitis.

    Eat and drink foods that contain vitamin c, vitamin B12, and calcium for healthy and strong teeth.

3rd Trimester

    Avoid dental works.

    Brush twice a day and floss daily.

If you practice good oral hygiene your teeth and gum will be healthy.  Severe gum issues during pregnancy may lead to low birth weight bay.

Dental care tips for pregnant mothers

    Brushing the teeth

Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after vomiting. Vomiting is common during pregnancy so after vomiting wash your mouth with some fresh water. It will rinse out the acids in the mouth. Wait for sometimes after vomiting. Then brush your teeth.

    Flossing

Flossing is important like brushing. We know during pregnancy gum diseases are common so before brushing floss your teeth carefully. It will remove plaque and food particles on the teeth. T

    Eat Calcium-Rich Foods

For strong teeth calcium is important. Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Almonds etc are a good source of calcium. So for stronger teeth eat and drink calcium-rich foods and drinks.

    Dental Checkups

If you do regular dental checkups the dentist can understand the signs of tooth decay, gum diseases etc. if the issues are diagnosed early it will be easy to do the treatments. If you notice any dental issues inform your dentist. But during the time of pregnancy, some months are not good for dental treatments.

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