Major Reasons Behind Tooth Pain

Causes of Tooth Pain

tooth pain

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Tooth pain has affected more than 70% of people in the world . This tooth pain put us upside down because it is so painful and we can’t eat or talk to anyone. Not all tooth pain is due to dental issues. There can be some other reasons too. Let’s have a look at the major reasons behind tooth pain.

Dental Issues

Dental Cavities

If you don’t clean your teeth neatly, after eating there is a chance that some food particles will stay in your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth feed this food particle and produce acid, this will damage the teeth enamel and causes cavities.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is the condition of infected gums. The gums will swell and bleed, these are early symptoms and if you not treated it well it can affect the overall structure of your teeth.

Cracked or chipped teeth

Cracked or chipped teeth are due to eating something more hard and rigid, being hit in the mouth, falling etc. First, there will be thin lines only in the enamel, later it changes to chips or cracks. Treatments are available for this.

Wrong Dental Work

The tooth/teeth pain can be due to wrong dental work of some dentists. The dentists who are not qualified will be careless and this will lead to many teeth issues. So choose professionally qualified dentists only.

Gum Recession

Gum Recession is a condition that the margin of gums surrounded by teeth wears away and expose more teeth or teeth root. Fast and careless brushing and hard toothbrush can cause Gum recession.

Non-Dental Issues

The tooth/teeth pain can be due to non-dental issues. They are:

Sinus Infection

The sinus infection can cause pain in the upper back corner of the mouth. The maxillary sinuses located behind the cheekbones, so if sinus infection starts you feel pain in the teeth portion too. Most of the people get confused about what kind of pain is it because it feels like the pain is due to dental issues but if you check deeply it is due to sinus infection.


Diabetes can cause tooth issues and leads to tooth/teeth pain.

Deficiency of Vitamins

If the intake of vitamin B12 is low it causes tooth pain.


Headache like cluster headache is really painful headache. This kind of headache can cause teeth/tooth pain.

Jaw Pain

Some people feel pain in their jaws. Here are the reasons:

Wisdom Teeth

If the wisdom tooth has no space to come out correctly, it will cause pain in the jaws and gums. The wisdom tooth pain in the upper back corner of the mouth feels similar to the pain of sinus infection.

Mouth Cancer

This will cause pain in the face, neck or mouth and there will be swelling, patches, bumps, and bleeding in the mouth.


TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorders and it causes pain in the jaws. This is due to teeth grinding and dislocation of the Temporomandibular joint.

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