• Threats of Crowned Tooth Theraphy.

    In Crowned tooth therapy there are no chances of the cavity for that tooth. But in reality, most of the dentists have to handle certain cases with a cavity in a crowned tooth treatment. Let us discuss how this occurs and guidelines to maintain the crown therapy.The crown tooth therapy is a temporary treatment for

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  • Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks on Teeth

    Human teeth are made up of different types of layers like pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum. The hardest part of a human body is the enamel of teeth. But have you noticed the harmful effects of soft drinks on teeth ? Surprisingly some people are unaware of harmful effects of soft drinks on teeth. From

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  • Tooth Extraction And Braces

    Most dentists come to hear from patients that they need to have a beautiful and perfect smile but they don’t want any tooth extraction and braces. Some patients need to remove teeth as a part of having braces. All of us have two sets of teeth, primary and permanent teeth. Primary teeth will fall out

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