• Understanding the Nuances of Dental Cleaning vs Dental Polishing

    Understanding the Nuances of Dental Cleaning vs Dental Polishing

    Taking care of your oral health is crucial for a vibrant smile and an enhanced quality of life. Amidst the plethora of dental treatments available, dental cleaning and dental polishing are frequently recommended for maintaining good oral hygiene. However, the distinction between these two procedures is often unclear, leading to misconceptions.  Dental Cleaning Contrary to

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  • Oral Health Care During COVID-19

    Tips to Take Care of Your Oral Health During COVID-19   Oral health is important in daily life. We are here to help your oral health care during the COVID 19 pandemic situation . The current crisis situation made many people put their dental appointment on hold. Especially, unlike other things dental health care during

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  • Important Food that maintains your Oral health

    Important Food That Maintains Your Oral Health Good food for Good Oral Health. To prevent cavities and maintain good oral health you have to maintain your diet. That is, what you eat and how often you eat, etc. Changes in your mouth start from a small thing you eat. Bacteria convert the sugar and carbohydrates

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  • Chipped Tooth Causes and Treatments

    About Chipped Tooth   Chipped tooth will  be problematic, whether they are visible and take away from your appearance or they leave you suffering from tooth  sensitivity. Chipping a tooth can lead to future problems or indicate underlying dental conditions that should be treated for dental health. While tooth enamel is that the hardest, most mineralized material within the entire

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  • Tooth Erosion

    The enamel of the teeth is the hardest part of a human body. But acids can remove this enamel on our teeth. That process is often referred to as tooth erosion. We all very much take care of the teeth we have. But some of our food practices and maybe some medicines will make problems

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