Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to provide excellent and patient friendly oral care to every patient and make our clinic as the best place for dental treatment and informed care.

Our Vision

To be the best multispecialty dental clinic in Al Barsha we are imparting dental education, clinical practice, doing advanced dental research and in providing the advanced level of dental care. We also want to make every patient visit comfortable. We are aiming to provide general and specialty dental services under one umbrella in an ethical and reliable environment.

Why come to All Smiles?

Gained an International reputation: We have earned an international reputation by providing dental care using advanced dental techniques and materials. We make your dental treatment the best. Our reputation is all because of the care we give to the patient. We make them feel relaxed, calm and happy throughout the treatment. Our reviews speak a lot about our services the patient had during their dental visit. When you see the reviews, we are a highly acclaimed dental clinic in Dubai.

Provide superior quality service: We always strive to become better to best in the dental care services. You can see the quality care in every dental service we offer. Our treatments never compromise on the patient’s health. Our dentists, dental technology, and treatments are of superior quality that gives a positive experience to every patient. Our professional dentists use latest technologies and the right treatments to promote better dental health and create beautiful smiles.

Pioneer clinic and all dentists in different areas under one umbrella: No matter whether you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile or get rid of dental issues, we are one stop destination for all your dental care needs. We are here to retain your smiles and beauty of your mouth forever.


Give a personal care to the patient’s pre and post-treatment: We listen to the patient problems and make them feel comfortable and relaxed all through the dental treatment. We answer all their dental queries and give the best care that every patient deserves before and after the treatment.

Strive to promote pearly and beautiful smiles: We specialize in providing high-quality dental service using advanced dental techniques to restore your pearly and beautiful smiles and preserve them for years to come. All Smiles Dental Spa is the best multispecialty dental clinic in Al Barsha which helps people to smile better. We give high importance to the comfort and privacy that every patient needs.

Friendly and humble staff: All our staff is rigorously trained to provide quality dental care. Our experienced and talented dentist will carry out from dental check-up to improving the aesthetic of your teeth and from cleaning to dental implants. Our staff as experts makes you feel safe and warm from consulting to the end of the treatment. When you step into our dental clinic, you can experience a welcoming environment and our dentist will do everything to make you feel comfortable.

Welcomes To Multispecialty Dental Clinic In Al Barsha

A warm welcome to the family-friendly Multispecialty dental clinic in Al Barsha, ‘All Smiles Multispecialty Dental Spa’.

All smiles multispecialty dental spa is the pioneer dental clinic located in the heart of Dubai, UAE, having an ensemble team of highly talented Dental experts. We are specialized in different areas of dentistry and working with the motto to promote beautiful smiles to the patients stepping into our clinic. Our team offers great care to the patient by giving the right treatment using the latest technology. We are committed to provide patient oriented treatment and improve the quality of life by creating a sparkling and bright smile. All Smiles Dental Spa is the one-stop destination for the patients to cure all kinds of dental problems. For us, the dental health of a patient is the first priority.

We define ourselves as the excellent dentistry clinic that is brightening up thousands of smiles by providing world-class dental services from implants to dental cosmetics. Our team is striving hard to earn your trust and make every dental visit comfortable and relaxed.


Our values are connected with the principles and philosophy that is reflected in the work we do and our interactions with patients.

* We respect every patient who comes to our clinic.

* Responsible for the care we give to the patient and those who work with us.

* Collaborate with the team to attain the common goal of giving quality care.

What We Promise

* Deliver quality dental care by adhering to the standards

* Carefully listen to the patient and give the best treatment

* Treat patient with high respect and care

* Provide safe and calm environment for our patients

* Make dental clinic visit of a patient stress-free

* Use advanced technology to offer the best dental treatments

Treatments Available In Multispecialty Dental Clinic Al Barsha

* Orthodontics

* Cosmetic Dentistry

* Root Canal treatment

* Teeth Whitening

* Dental Implants

* Crowns & Bridges

* Denture

* Maxillo-Facial surgery

* Children’s Dentistry

* Jaw Joint Disorders

* General Dentistry

Meet The Team