How Drinking Water Improves Oral Health?

drinkingdifferent ways how water improves oral health

Drinking water is required for bodies and keeps us healthy. It is the healthiest drink that keeps us hydrated that keeps our skin and organs healthy. Water is also good for losing the weight as there are no calories in water. Do you that drinking water is beneficial for oral health? Staying hydrated keeps nutrients traveling through the bodies get rid of waste, gives skin elasticity and glow. Drinking water consistently throughout the day is good for health and is perfect if it is fluoridated. Check how drinking water improves oral health and teeth!

How Water Keeps Your Teeth Healthy?

Gives strength to teeth

Fluoride present in the water is a cavity fighter and is the best thing for teeth. Thus it is a natural element that mixes with tooth enamel to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride works with saliva to prevent against plaque.

Keeps the mouth clean

Drinking water also washes down your food. Since water doesn’t have any sugars in it, it does wash away the food and residue left over the bacteria that could get ahold of. Water dilutes the acid present in the mouth that fight against the enamel. Also the fluoride present in the water coats the teeth to fight against the acids as well.

Drinking water keeps your mouth from being dry

Tooth decay thrives from dry mouth. Saliva is a big defense against tooth decay. Minerals in saliva like calcium and phosphate help to fight against tooth decay and also helps wash away food and other residues left behind the tooth. When the mouth is dry, less saliva is produced and produces tooth decay. Thus keeping yourselves hydrated prevents dry mouth that in turn keeps tooth decay at bay. This is one of the efficient ways of drinking water improves oral health and teeth.

Fights against bad breath

Do you know water to fight against bad breath? When we get up from the bed bad breath is caused by dry mouth and drinking water throughout the day naturally helps with that away and keeps our mouth fresh. Water washes food particles and keeps us away from tooth decay.

Has no calories

Most of the drinks have sugar In them that is a significant contributor to tooth decay. By drinking water you are not adding any sugar to the meal or diet. Drinking water helps to lose weight.

Notice For Kids

water improves oral healthAs discussed water is an essential factor that keeps our oral health fit. All Smiles Dental Spa has the best kids dental specialist. Make an appointment and keep your child safe from tooth decay. Children need to start the habit of drinking water from an early age, try these tips to get your child to drink more water.

  • Keep a special cup for them to drink the water.
  • Make a sticker chart to achieve the goal of drinking water. After achieving the goal reward them the toy.
  • Kids retain the things that they see. If you use to drink water they will also do so.

Drinking water helps with different health issues and there are many reasons with oral health that can be improved from drinking water. Drinking a lot of water is not a substitute for brushing and flossing. But rinsing mouth after the intake of food can have a huge and positive impact on oral health. Hope you understand the importance of drinking water and the ways of drinking water improves oral health.

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