Chipped Tooth Causes and Treatments

About Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth


Chipped tooth will  be problematic, whether they are visible and take away from your appearance or they leave you suffering from tooth  sensitivity. Chipping a tooth can lead to future problems or indicate underlying dental conditions that should be treated for dental health.

While tooth enamel is that the hardest, most mineralized material within the entire body, it isn’t indestructible.It’s not uncommon for folks to chip their teeth once biting on ice, candy or another sort of hard object.If you experience a fracture on one of your teeth, there are ways to save your chipped tooth.


Can a broken Tooth Be Fixed?

Chipped Tooth

In most cases, dentists will repair a broken tooth while not the requirement for extensive treatments. to enhance your outlook, however, it’s vital to seek treatment as presently as possible. within the meanwhile, you’ll be able to take acetaminophen or another over-the-counter medication to relieve broken tooth pain. you ought to additionally rinse your mouth with salt water to reduce the chance of infection. If the injury has given the tooth a jagged or sharp edge, you’ll be able to cover it with dry chewing gum or a bit of wax paraffin to stop it from cutting your cheek, tongue or lip. If you need to eat, opt for soft foods and check out to not bite down on the harmed tooth.

Causes of chipped tooth

biting down on hard substances, like ice or hard candy
falls or car accidents
playing contact sports while not a mouth guard
grinding your teeth when you sleep

Symptoms of a broken tooth

If the chip is minor and not at the front of your mouth, you’ll not know you’ve got it at all. when you do have symptoms, however, they will include: Feeling a jagged surface after you run your tongue over your teeth.
irritation of the gum around the broken tooth.
irritation of your tongue from “catching” it on the tooth’s uneven and rough edge pain from pressure on the tooth when biting, which might be intense if the chip is near to or exposes the nerves of the tooth.

Chipped Tooth Treatments

  • Tooth reattachment
  • Bonding
  • Porcelain veneer
  • Dental onlays

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