Dental Care Tips And Issues Of Teenagers

dental care tips and issues of teenagers

Most of the teenagers fail to take care of their teeth. It’s not due to the lack of knowledge of dental issues its just they are not worried about their teeth and other dental issues. It is our duty to make them realise how important is oral health and dental hygiene. If they skip taking care of their teeth then in future they experience severe dental issue and pain.

Prevention is better than cure, here are some tips for teenagers to take care of their oral health. If you follow these steps, your teeth will stay healthy and shiny.


Brush twice a day and this will remove all the plaques and food particles on your mouth. Brushing makes your teeth stronger and beautiful.



It is an important oral hygiene practice because it will remove the bacterias that cause plaques in your mouth.

Avoid Soft Drinks And Junk Foods

Junk foods and soft drinks can damage your teeth. So avoid these items for your healthy teeth. But eating and drinking such items can create cavities and damages to the enamel.

Quit Smoking

We all know smoking causes cancer. There are many other side effects of smoking. It causes bad breath, stained teeth, gum disease, tooth loss etc. So say not to smoke.

Regular Visit To Dentist

A regular visit to your dentist will help you to have healthy teeth. The dentist will check all the dental issues and symptoms and give proper treatment. Through this, your teeth and oral hygiene will be better and healthy.

Lack of proper care causes many oral issues. By following the simple tips given above will help you to maintain a proper hygiene and healthy teeth. If you fail to take care of your teeth then the following will happen:



Cavities are a common dental issue. In this beginning, it may not be a problem for you but later it led to severe pain and dental issues. The bacteria will feed the food particles on your mouth and produce acids and leaves to cavities. So all you have to do is brush your teeth twice a day and do proper flossing.


Your gums will become red, puffy and bleed if you have gingivitis. The plaques or bacteria on your mouth leads to damage of gums and tissues. If this is not treated properly, it will lead to tooth erosion.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is due to a lack of oral hygiene. The bacteria on your mouth will create unpleasant smelling gases. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth daily the bad breath will increase. Tongue cleansing can also control your bad breath. Smoking is also a reason behind bad breath.

Stained Teeth


Stained teeth or pale teeth is due to soft drinks, coffees, smoking etc. These food items dull the white shining beauty of your teeth. Stained teeth will not look nice on you. So avoid things that cause such problems.

Root Infection

Root infection is due to when bacteria enters and infects the root part of your teeth. This is a severe issue and it may lead to loss of the tooth.

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