How Everyday use of Coffee Affects Your Teeth?

how coffee affect your teeth

What happens to your Teeth if you Drink Coffee Every Day?

Most of us start our day with a morning coffee or tea. For the majority of people, this will be a daily habit. They can’t even imagine a day without coffee or Tea. Because it is a refreshing moment for them to gain complete energy for a whole day. But in reality, they are unaware of how coffee affects our teeth or even think about the aftereffect of coffee and tea in our gums and teeth. Do you ever think that these drinks affect our oral health positively or negatively? Surely. the answer is negative.

affect of coffee to your teethBecause the teeth enamel is porous, so dark colored food items and drinks like coffee and tea cause staining on it. You will definitely noticed your coffee or tea mug. Once it was so nice to see with good color. But now what is its color? This will be the same happens in our mouth. Another fact is that black tea has more stain than coffee. However, Coffee is acidic. This acidity in coffee causes enamel erosion. But tea has no acidity.

Once your enamel is gone, it does not grow back again. The result of enamel erosion is increase sensitivity, increase chance of tooth decay and darker or yellow teeth. The darker color of teeth is due to the absence of enamel. After the natural enamel on your teeth, it is darker or yellow colored enamel is seen. So how can you drink your morning refresh drink without affecting your oral health?

How to minimize the impact of tea or coffee?

There are a few things you can do to minimize the impact of tannins and acids in your daily tea and coffee. You can start drinking using a straw. When using a straw, you can minimize the contact between tea or coffee affects your teeth to a minimum.

Then brush every time after you drinking these. But surely wait for thirty minutes after drinking to do so. If you brush immediately after having this beverage, your saliva will not be getting a chance to neutralize the acids and these leads to other damages to teeth and gums.

Removal of yellow color on your teeth

Also, you can eat some food that clean your teeth naturally. Fibrous fruits and veggies take more time to chew. So, it not only acts as a tooth cleaner but also helps to generate more saliva and thus neutralizes the acid in saliva. The fibrous help to scrub your teeth. Strawberry contains Malic acid, which very good for enamel whitening.

Then use coffee brand that causes less staining. When compared to Arabica coffee beans, Robusta has less staining. So choose coffee with less staining on your teeth. Try to prevent coffee affects your teeth enamel.




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