Oral Health Care During COVID-19

Tips to Take Care of Your Oral Health During COVID-19

Oral Health


Oral health is important in daily life. We are here to help your oral health care during the COVID 19 pandemic situation . The current crisis situation made many people put their dental appointment on hold. Especially, unlike other things dental health care during this COVID-19 situation is something which is always ignored. This can lead to problem worsening. Below are some tips of your oral health care:

Maintain a Proper Oral Regime

Brushing twice a day is compulsory. You have to keep your teeth clean always. Especially your tongue. Because, if you have a flue a bacterial coating is developed on your tongue. So, you have to cleanse it out daily. Then your oral cavity will be bacterial free.

 Rinse and gargle at least 2 to 3 times a day

Make a good mouth wash at home for yourself for mouth gargling. You can make using ginger, black pepper, basil leaves and turmeric by boiling in water. This will also give you a protection of vitamin C for boosting your immunity. Rinse with it for 3 to 4 times a day for 30 seconds.

 Drinking water

Keep yourselves hydrated always. Water is the first choice for hydrating your body and to wash out the teeth. Water improves the quality of your saliva and cares for the dryness of the mouth. So, surely water is one solution to all your health problems.

 Avoid sugar cough and cold syrup

Avoid sugar-loaded cough syrup if you have cold or cough. These syrups can cause cavity formation and cause damage to oral cavity as the syrup particles stick on the surface. Hence, if possible, choose sugar free one.

 Balance your Diet

Eat balanced diet food. Avoid rich and junk foods. Vitamins and minerals both in the form a balanced diet is sufficient. At the same time, the food must be not sticky and crunchy foods. But vegetables and fruits like an apple for keeping the doctor away. And it is also called a natural toothbrush that helps t remove the extra layer plaque from the teeth surface.

Hope this tips will help to maintain your oral health care during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. For further queries contact us 

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