Tooth Extraction And Braces

tooth extraction and bracesMost dentists come to hear from patients that they need to have a beautiful and perfect smile but they don’t want any tooth extraction and braces. Some patients need to remove teeth as a part of having braces. All of us have two sets of teeth, primary and permanent teeth. Primary teeth will fall out at a certain age and for some, it falls out too early or too late. If it falls out too early then Orthodontists devise a plan to maintain the space until the teeth extrude. If the teeth don’t fall out at specified time then it may create an orthodontic problem. Primary teeth removal is a necessity for the normal eruption and development of teeth. Parents have no concerns regarding the removal of primary teeth. There are plenty of reasons why permanent tooth extraction and braces are required.

When the amount of space required to align teeth is less than the available space then the size of arches must be increased or the number of teeth may be reduced. Lips position is determined by the underlying teeth. If front teeth are protruding removing some sides of teeth will help to move teeth backwards. And If the underlying teeth are crooked and if lips are in position, then teeth removal is necessary to prevent teeth and lips out. If a patient has mismatched upper and lower jaws then ideal treatment is to reposition them. It is also ideal to remove upper bicuspids if a patient has a moderate overbite. Due to various reasons, an Orthodontists suggest the teeth removal as a part of the treatment. For an Orthodontist, treatment is faster if teeth are not removed. So we could understand that if he recommends for teeth extraction then it must be necessary.

tooth extraction and braces placementsWhen an Orthodontist prescribes teeth removal he does so because there is no space for it. Teeth are not removed if a person has moderate or severe crowding, front teeth will move forward as arches align and are good for some patients. But for some others, normal lip closure may affect if they have advancing lips. This condition will make their face look worse if the teeth are not removed.

If a patient has lips that do not touch because of underlying teeth, removal of teeth is not only safe, some side teeth also need to be removed before placing the braces to retract the front ones. Tooth removal will not harm your face if crowded and when it is appropriate it actually gives the best result possible. Make a talk to the Orthodontist to find whether tooth extraction and braces is right and apt for you.

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