Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks on Teeth

Human teeth are made up of different types of layers like pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum. The hardest part of a human body is the enamel of teeth. But have you noticed the harmful effects of soft drinks on teeth? Surprisingly some people are unaware of the harmful effects of soft drinks on teeth.

Harmful Effects Of Soft Drinks On TeethFrom kids to adults love to drink soft drinks due to its fuzziness and sweet taste. These drinks are not healthy and not good for teeth. Most of the soft drinks have sugar, acid, and colour. When you drink sugary soft drinks the bacteria in your mouth break down the sugar and produces acid and lead to tooth decay. The carbonated soft drinks have acid and it adds up with the acid which produced at the time of bacteria and sugar reactions. So the amount of acid in the mouth increase and cause severe tooth decay. And also leads to tooth erosion. Adding colouring agents in soft drinks causes discolouration of teeth. Your teeth look in dark or pale coloured. So the soft drinks cause many serious issues to your teeth. Let us discuss the issues in deeply.

Major Harmful Effects Of Soft Drinks On Teeth

Tooth Decay:

It is also known as dental caries or cavities. The destruction of tooth enamel is tooth decay. When you eat or drink sugary substances the plaque (a sticky film of bacteria ) on your teeth break down the sugar contents and produce acid. This acid attacks tooth enamel and produces cavities. The tooth roots are covered with soft tissue called cementum. The decayed tooth cause issues in tooth roots. This leads to severe pain and sensitivity.

stages of tooth decay

The tooth decay can be prevented by regular cleaning of teeth, lower usage of sugar etc. Brushing the teeth twice per day will help you to get rid of bacterias, food particles that are stick on your teeth.  Nowadays there a lot of people are suffering from teeth decay.

Tooth Erosion:

Tooth erosion is due to the acids in your mouth. Soft drink consumption is the major cause of tooth erosion. The signs of tooth erosion are severe and painful sensitivity, Chips and cracks etc. Small cavities may not be a problem at first. But later it leads to severe issues.

Signs of effects of soft drinks on teeth:

  • Enamel appears as a chalky white spot.
  • Dentine colour changes to yellow or light brown colour.
  • Cavity and erosion of tooth.
  • Severe pain.

So avoid soft drinks to protect your shining teeth. A professionally qualified dentist can suggest the best treatment for this kind of issues.

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