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What is General Dentistry?

General Dentistry focuses on the diagnosis of the dental patient, given treatment and supervise the dental condition of the patient.

General Dentistry is the primary dental care provider who treats all age group of people. It is responsible for diagnosing, treating and coordinating with the patients to meet their overall oral needs and promote better dental health. Following are the main services performed by a General Dentist.

Routine Check Up

Most of the people in Dubai are doing this routine check-up to prevent the dental problems in future.  When you do these routine checks, try to find the best general dentist in Dubai who can identify the dental problems in the initial stages itself and get the right treatment before the situation got worse. In preventative dentistry, patients need to see a dentist twice a year to get the teeth accumulated with the plaque and food particles cleaned while getting rid of cavities, gum problems, and oral cancer. Dentists recommend preventative dentistry to avoid complicated dental problems by treating it in the first stage itself.

Every patient needs to see a dentist very often as per the dental requirements and lifestyle to maintain sound dental health. It is crucial for people who chew tobacco, drink caffeine, and have diabetics. The people who are prone to gum diseases and have a weak immune system should see a dentist more often than the person with good oral health. It is imperative for you to consult a dentist to know the number of checkups you need to take for a year since the number of checkups varies from one person to another and it totally depends on the lifestyle of a person. In Dubai, since the lifestyle is fast and as people consumes more sweets, fast food, and hotel foods, there are more chances to have this dental issues.


A filling is done in between the tooth that is decayed and prevent further decay. To do this filling process, first, the dentist will remove the decayed area of the tooth, clean the area, and then fills the area with the right kind of filling material. There are different filling materials used as per the budget of the patient. Few of the filling materials include porcelain, plastic, resin (which would be the color of the tooth), gold and silver. In addition to the cost of the material, the filling material used also depends on the percentage of tooth damage, an area where the tooth was damaged and caused allergies.

In Some cases, a crown is fixed on the damaged tooth, if the major portion of the tooth is broken or decayed. If the tooth decay has spread to the nerve, then you need to undergo root canal treatment. (Root canal treatments should be done by a very experienced and qualified dentist) The tooth decay portion can be detected by the dentist when you go for a regular check-up, in the X-rays and with the help of special instruments. ‘All smiles dental spa’, the best dental clinic with the best general dentist in Dubai offers you all these procedures with utmost quality and care.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is needed for the people whose tooth is completely decayed due to cavities, half broken or the tooth is loose. The dentist tries to cover the half broken tooth either with a crown or with filling material and if either of the cases is not possible, then dentist go for tooth extraction.

There are two types of tooth extractions carried out by the dentist. They are, simple extraction method and the other is surgical extraction. In the simple extraction, the dentist uses a forceps to extract the decayed tooth by loosening it, whereas, in the surgical extraction, the dentist gives an injection to your gum and carefully extract the tooth. However, the best part of surgical treatment is that it is painless, non-lethal, and you only feel little pressurized. If stitches are to be done, then dentist uses only dissolvable stitches.

You need to go to Tooth extraction when you experience the following cases.

  • When an extra tooth is stopping the other teeth from growing
  • Baby teeth are not falling out and stopping the other teeth to grow
  • Wisdom teeth are infected and are paining


Every person has to get the teeth cleaned by the dentist twice a year to remove the plaque and other particles accumulated and to avoid them from causing further damage. There may be few particles that can not be removed by regular brushing. Despite brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day, the plaque and accumulated particles between the teeth and gum persists. Therefore, going to a dental clinic for cleaning will help you keep gum and cavity diseases at bay. People in the age of forty start to lose teeth due to gum problems. The best way to avoid the loss is to get the teeth cleaned regularly.