Oral Health and Overall Health

Oral Health and Overall Health

Oral Health And Overall health

The majority of human beings consider their oral parts as separate from other parts. So, they give very little importance to their oral health. Oral health problems may be an indicator of other health problems. The recent studies have shown that; the patient with a heart attack may suffer from dental cavities and caries being several times. Some of them may have periodontitis or inflammation in the tooth, etc.

Oral Health Problems

And all studies conclude that poor health conditions always a symptom of heart-related problems. Such as heart attack, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, etc. Periodontitis is one of the symptoms of diabetics. Some of the people do not know that they have diabetics; until they consult with a dentist about their periodontal disease. If you have diabetes, then the worst condition of your periodontitis indicates that it is not under control.


Poor health is also related to rheumatoid arthritis. Also, poor oral health pushes you in the risk for respiratory infections such as pneumonia, because the pathogens enter your body through the mouth.


How to take care of your teeth

Keeping your oral condition healthy is so important. Especially because you are growing older. Older adults have more chances of dental problems and other chronic diseases. Through just taking care you can’t prevent the diseases. But a healthy oral condition is needed for overall good health.

take care of teeth

Brushing twice a day is a significant habit needed for everyone on an everyday basis. Almost avoid consuming food that contains too much sugar and starch content. Drink water after each meal. And washout your mouth every time after having food. Avoid drinks that contain too much acid content like alcohol and wine. Also, beverages like tea and coffee are not good for oral health. Soft drinks always degrade your tooth calcium capacity. Try to change your brush once every three months or whenever after your brush losses its quality. And use toothpaste and mouth wash that contains fluoride.


Maintaining oral health is not a simple thing. It must be started from the childhood stage itself. But for most people, it is not really possible. But, never ignore your oral health. Give much importance to your body health. And consult with a dentist whenever necessary. Also, maintain a food chart will help oral health and hygiene.

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