How To Treat Bad Breath?

The bad breath is a problem that mainly affects our confidence in general. We will find it difficult to talk with others due to bad breath. Halitosis is the other name for bad breath. This is caused because of poor dental habits or hygiene or may be a sign of some other health issues. The food which we ate also promotes the bad breath in some cases. How to treat bad breath is explained in this article.

Effect Of Food In Bad Breath

Some food items may have an intense odor. We can’t control that odor. Food items like onion or garlic have the heavy smell which can’t be covered with brushing or flossing. These odors will be completely removed after completing the digestion process.

Poor Oral Hygiene Problems

Usually, we are recommended to brush twice a day. But most people will neglect this and brush once in a day. When we avoid brushing in the night time, the food particles stick to the teeth will produce acids and bacterias. The food particles may hide in between teeth, on the tongue or in the gum. The bacterial action will cause bad odor and we may suffer other problems too. Sometimes we need to use antimicrobial mouthwash to control the bad breath. The tobacco products and habits (smoking, chewing) also produce the bad odor. The tobacco products produce bad breath and stains on the teeth.

How To Treat Bad Breath?

Contributors Of Bad Breath

The bad breath can increase other problems if not treated. The bad odor, as well as bad taste in the mouth, is a serious issue. This will cause periodontal diseases (gum problems) for you. The plaque is the reason for gum diseases. The bacteria is the producer of plaque in our mouth. The toxic acids may attack the gums and bones if not treated properly.

Sometimes the bad breath is associated with dental cavities or misplaced dental equipment. If the braces or crowns are not properly cleaned there will be bad breath. Dry mouth is another contributor to bad breath. It is caused because of the less saliva in our mouth. It may be because of salivary gland issues or maybe using some medicines. The saliva is the doctor for our mouth. The saliva will help you to control the plaque, remove the dead cells contained on the tongue, cheek etc.

Tips to Promote Oral Hygiene

How To Treat Bad Breath Easily?

Following are the solutions to prevent the bad breath

  1. Brush twice a day to control bad breath. Proper oral hygiene will help you to fight against bad odor. You can use flossing as well as an antimicrobial mouthwash to reduce the plaque. Clean your tongue with a brush to remove food particles.
  2. Clean your dentures every day. In the night remove them and before wearing it in the next morning clean it properly. Change your toothbrush after 3 to 4 months or after the illness.
  3. Avoid smoking and tobacco products to control the bad odor.
  4. Drink more water to produce the saliva. Chewing sugarless gum will produce more saliva and there will be moist in our mouth.
  5. Keep an eye on your food as well as medications. Consult your doctor to know whether certain foods or medicines creates bad breath.
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