Dental Problems Due To Use Of Mask

A common dental problem that reporting due to the prolonged use of Mask

We all are facing different kind of issues on this pandemic situation, one of the problem is that dental problems due to prolonged use of mask.There are some common dental problems reporting due to prolonged use of mask in this pandemic situation, Wearing a mask everywhere you go become a common and natural scenario now. Whether you are going out for buying household items or medicines from the medical store, you have to make sure that you have a mask on your face to reduce the risk of corona virus.  However, wearing a mask for the whole long day create new oral health problems in people. Doctors called this oral hygiene issue is a mask mouth.

Dental problems due to prolonged use of mask

What is mask mouth dental problem due to use of mask?

If you are experiencing a bed breathe smell after a long time wearing this mask. The dentist is now dealing with these problems. We all experienced the bad breath situation, but it is prevalent after Covid19 outbreak. Not just bad breath but it also brings out dental issues like a cavity, tooth decay, inflammation in gums, etc.

Why does this happen?

It is mainly due to the decreased saliva production in the mouth. Saliva is the major components that neutralize the acid in the mouth and avoid tooth decay and gum problems. When we wear a mask, our nose is partially closed. So, we tend to breathe with our mouth. This led to dry mouth condition. The amount of saliva decreases and bacteria began to take actions. Finally, leads to bad breath and tooth cavity.

Moreover, when you wearing a mask you are less chance to drink water, which leads to dehydration. this problem also causes mouth problems. This troubles more people who already have oral problems.

How to get rid of these problems?

There are a few tips that you can do to get rid of these problems;

  • Stay Hydrated

Keep during water the whole day long. This maintains your PH in mouth and prevents bacterial actions.

  • Control Food

Food that contains sugar and beverages like coffee and tea increases the chance of mask mouth. Include healthy food that rich in fiber in your food.

  • Clean your Mask

Clean your mask daily. A dirty mask not only unhygienic and ugly, but it also increases the chance of sore throat.

  • Maintain oral hygiene

Brush and flaws your tooth two times a day. And if possible, flaws your mouth even after you are having your meals.


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