Pregnancy And Dental Work

Pregnancy and dental work

Most of the carrying or expecting moms may have come across the questions related to dental works. Annual exams and dental cleanings are safe and recommended. Hormone level rise during the pregnancy causes gums to swell, bleed and eventually causes irritation to gums.

It is very important and recommended to do preventive dental work to avoid oral infections like gum disease that is linked to preterm birth.

Other regular dental work during pregnancy.

Dental works like cavity fillings, crown placement should be treated to reduce the infection. But the safest course of action is to postpone all the unnecessary dental work after the birth of the baby. But sometimes emergency dental work like a root canal, tooth extraction is necessary. Treatments like teeth whitening, cosmetic procedures can be postponed.

Tips to maintain good oral hygiene

If you need to get dental x-rays done, do that but take extreme caution to safeguard you and your baby by shielding abdomen and thyroid. Hormonal changes increase the risk of periodontal diseases, bleeding gums – pregnancy gingivitis.  Consult the specialist during such cases. Try to avoid sugary snacks as much as possible. Eat a healthy and balanced diet for well-being.

Medications used in dental work during pregnancy!

Presently, conflicting studies on adverse effects on developing during dental work persist. Amount of anesthesia administered should be as little as possible to make you feel comfortable. Dental work requires antibiotics to prevent or to treat infections. Antibiotics safe for pregnancy need to take.


Tips to maintain healthy dental health during pregnancy

  • Take care of yourselves and baby during the pregnancy time.
  • Avoid possible elective dental treatments.
  • Reduce intake of the antibiotics, if necessary take safe antibiotics on the prescription of dentists.
  • If the doctor has told to take the x-ray. Go along if the dentists take the risk to cover the abdomen.
  • Always stay happy and healthy.
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