Dental Sealants To Protect Your Teeth

Dental Sealants

Sometimes no matter how we try to protect our teeth by regular brushing and proper care, the teeth will get damaged, especially the back teeth called molars. Many people face this problem and they wonder how it happened. Sometimes the food particles will stay safe here and bacteria will feed on it and creates cavities and completely damages your tooth. But there is a solution to this, the dental sealants.

dental sealants

We know the cavities are due to acids produced by bacterias by feeding on the food particle. If we use a protective layer above the teeth this issue can be solved. This protective layer is called sealants. The dental sealants is a plastic material that is placed over the molar or chewing part of the teeth. This will protect the teeth from teeth decay.

This thin protective material reduces the risk of teeth decay. After you wear sealants it stands as a barrier and will not allow entering any food particles to the teeth. So the bacterias can’t produce acids and it makes your teeth free from holes or cavities.

dental sealant to protect your teeth

The question in your mind will be this “does it hurt while placing the sealant”? No never, it doesn’t hurt and it is a quick process. The process is as follows: at first, the dentist will clean your mouth and dry it perfectly. The next step is placing acidic gel on the teeth. The purpose of this is to make your teeth little rough so that the teeth can have a strong bond between sealants. The dentist will remove the gel after a particular time and dry your teeth. After this dentist will apply sealants to your teeth and special blue light is used to harden it.

It is also possible to apply sealants on the damaged or decayed teeth that mean you can prevent further decaying of your teeth. But it is better to place the sealants before the tooth starts decaying or damage. It is sure that it will last for years to protect your teeth but it is good to have a regular visit to your dentists to check the condition of your sealants. This will make sure that your teeth are completely protected and there is any chance of reapplying.
No one can understand that you have sealants in your teeth because it will be in colorless or white form. Once it is hardened on the tooth it will be like a plastic coating and it is safe too.

If you wish to protect your tooth from decay or cavity get the help of the best dentist near to you. And to know more about oral health, please visit oral health tips.

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