Bulimia’s Effect On Teeth

bulimias effect on teethBulimia is an eating disorder. People affected by the disease eat large amounts of food. Constant eating and purging are hard on heart, kidneys, other organs. Bulimia damages the teeth also. Bulimia is characterized by binge eating and vomiting. People with bulimia have an unrealistic body image. Also, people with bulimia may have normal weight or even overweight. Let us see bulimias effect on teeth.

Purging Your Teeth And Mouth

Repeated vomiting causes damage to the teeth. Vomiting is toxic because it contains stomach acids. These acids break down the food in the stomach so that the body can digest it. But these acids are corrosive and causes wear and tear to the enamel that covers and protects teeth.


Acids from vomiting wear away tooth enamel that leaves the cavity in teeth. Excess sugary foods and sodas contribute to tooth decay.  If you have dental decay, you can notice that gums bleed when you brush them. If you don’t get a cavity filled, the hole will become big that it may lead to tooth loss.

Brittle Teethbulimias effect

As erosion gets worse you will notice the change of colour and texture of teeth. Teeth become weaker and more brittle than usual. These teeth may chip easily and look ragged at the bottom. Sometimes teeth become yellowish colour. Thus bulimia changes the shape and length of teeth.

Swollen Salivary glands

Acids in vomit irritate the glands on the sides of each cheek. These glands produce saliva, the fluid that helps swallow. These glands protect teeth against decay. Swelling will appear around the jaw if salivary glands are affected. Most changes in teeth from bulimia are not reversible.

Mouth Sores

Stomach acid wears away at the enamel on teeth, it also wears away the skin on the roof and sides of the mouth. This leaves painful sores inside mouth and throat. Sores become swell up and wear away at the skin on the roof and sides of your mouth.

Dry Mouth

Lack of saliva leads to the constant feeling that the mouth is parched. Dry mouth condition is more than a minor annoyance and can affect the way you eat by changing the flavour of food. Dry mouth damages the teeth because saliva washes the bacteria as it causes the tooth decay.


As the tooth enamel wears away it leaves sensitive inner part of teeth exposed. You may feel discomfort when they bite in an ice cream or eat something.

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