Things To Know About Teething In Babies

How To Keep Your Baby Comfortable At The Time Of Teething

teething in babies

All the babies are really cute and look like an angel. Their lovely smile will look cuter when they have their teeth. Everybody will fall in love with that cute angel’s smile. But there are some things that parents must aware about the teething in babies. It will not be so easy for the babies. Around in the 6th-month babies will start teething and commonly first teeth will be in the lower jaw. But in some babies the teeth will come before 6 months, that is it can vary. At the time of teething babies will be so irritated, crying, and sleepless. And the full set of baby teeth will be placed at the age of 3.

After 3 or 4 months you can notice that little bumps on the gums of the baby. This is because the tooth began to start growing inside. Usually, the front incisors come first and after that canines will come. The eight molars will come after that. To have complete baby teeth it will take 2 – 3 years.

Signs Of Teething

  • Drooling

Babies will drool a lot while teething because at this time more saliva will be produced in the mouth.

  • Fussiness

It really hurts while teething so the babies will be irritated, bad-tempered etc. They will cry without any reasons. All these are due to the pain that the baby feels at the time of teething.

  • Loss Of Appetite

Due to the irritations, the baby may not eat well.

  • Trouble Sleeping

The baby can’t sleep right at the time of teething. Because they feel pain and irritation and sleep become difficult.

Teething Remedies For Babies

  • Teething Toys   teething in babies

Buy some teething toys for your baby and before you buy make sure that the material is an easy washable and clean. These toys will really work.

  • Cold Bags

give the baby something cold. You can make it in your home. Take some piece of clothes and put in in a plastic bag and let it cool for sometime in the fridge. After that place this cold plastic bag in the mouth of babies they will start chewing it.

  • Teething Rings

Teething rings will calm the gums of babies. You can also cool the teething rings in the refrigerator to get coolness to the baby while chewing.

There are also some myths about teething in babies. All parents must be aware of it too. One of the myth is Fever. Teething causes fever in babies is a myth. Teething never causes fever but it can increase the body temperature of babies and it is not a fever. To make your baby comfortable, try the methods given above.

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