The Eruption of Primary Teeth and it’s Caring

The Eruption of Primary Teeth and it’s Caring

The eruption of a child’s primary teeth starts from the time when the baby is in infant form itself. Primary teeth of a baby is also known as deciduous teeth. The development of primary teeth follows some development cycle or timeline. The full set of primary teeth begins to grow beneath the gums from the first four-month of pregnancy. Because of this reason a nourishing diet needed for the mother for infants’ teeth, bones and gums.

 First primary teeth protrude during the age of six to one-year period. By the age of three, almost all children’s have a full set of twenty primary teeth. The dental experts suggest making an appointment with an expert pediatric dentist for the healthy teeth of a baby when the time the first teeth emerges. Pediatric dentist communicates with parents and examine the baby’s teeth and give necessary advice regarding the food habits of mother and child. During all these times the food of mother is influenced by your baby since the mother is feeding baby.

primary teeth of baby

 Although primary teeth are deciduous, they help in the development of gum and chewing process of the baby. Caring for primary teeth helps to prevent early tooth decay.

 The Order of Primary Tooth Emerge

By the general rule of thumb, the first emerging tooth is incisors or front teeth. These can be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth to avoid the bacterial infection. And these teeth are the first teeth to lost during the age of 6 to 7. Next is the very adjacent or lateral teeth protrude during the age of 9 to 16 months on both upper and lower jaw. During the 13-19 months, the molar teeth have emerged on the upper and lower jaw. Likewise, all teeth protrude in an order of both in the upper and lower jaw. and teeth development continues to the age of mature for every human being.

eruption of primary teeth


 So, caring for each tooth is important for your baby’s oral health. Primary teeth put the strong foundation for the teeth. These are the base for the mature teeth. Don’t be silly to care for your infant’s teeth during those early stages. And lead a healthy oral lifestyle.

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