Sensitive Teeth Treatment And Remedies – Sensitivity

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

In the recent times, we started to hear the word “Sensitivity” and we know it is related to teeth. We found various toothbrushes and toothpaste in the market relating to sensitivity healing or Sensitive teeth treatment. Let us discuss this condition called sensitivity in detail. The first step in Sensitive teeth treatment is to incorporate good habits into our daily oral health routine.

Sensitivity happens when our dentin starts to expose. Actually, dentin is a second layer of our teeth. In some cases, this will start to expose. The reason for sensitivity is that the dentin contains small channels named tubules, which is directly connected with the nerves. When sensitivity occurs the nerves start to get contact with the mouth structures.It generates bacterias and there will be certain stimuli which result in pain.

When sensitivity starts people feel heavy pain. They can’t control the pain. They need to skip meals or the pain may result in headaches too. If you have sensitive teeth then you need to avoid certain things to control the pain.

They are,

  • Eating cold food or drinking cold water will initiate the pain.
  • Eating hot food or drinking hot beverages may increase the pain.
  • The sugary food items will contribute heavy pain to sensitive teeth.
  • The highly sour food items also worsen the situation.
  • If you are surrounded by cold air and if you start to inhale it, the pain increases. The cold air also gives you the irritation.

sensitive teeth treatment-causes

Other Reasons For Pain

Teeth Whitening – Some people may experience the sensitivity pain when they undergo teeth whitening treatment. Some may have this pain after completing the procedure. Certain reasons for the teeth sensitivity is that they may use some conventional methods for teeth whitening.

After Dental Treatment – Some may have the sensitivity related pain when they undergo some dental treatments. Something like root canal may result in sensitivity. If the problem continues you need to inform your dentist about this.

Tooth Decay – Due to the plaque and bacterial activity the people may have tooth decay. Tooth decay can’t be identified in the beginning because you may not feel any irritation. In the severe cases, you will get the pain and results in sensitive teeth.

 Treatment Methods

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Dentists may suggest some desensitizing medicine to reduce the sensitivity.

When teeth grinding is the reason for sensitivity, night guards will reduce the grinding behavior and reduce sensitivity.

The gum recession problem can be reduced by adding tooth-colored fillings to block the contact with nerves.

If severe gum recession is your problem, then gum graft surgery is the only remedy.



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