Oral Health Problems And Diabetes

Is Diabetes Affects Your Oral Health

diabetes and oral health

High blood glucose is an infection causes our body. Just like that, it causes infection on some other parts of the body. So, a high glucose level causes easier to have gum disease. Decaying of teeth and poor oral hygiene causes periodontal diseases. If blood sugar is poorly controlled then oral health problems are more likely to develop.

Some of the oral problems caused are;

Dry mouth

Uncontrolled diabetes  cause a decrease in saliva and finally lead to dry mouth. Dry mouth can further lead to soreness, ulcers and tooth decay. When you don’t make enough saliva in your mouth get dry and uncomfortable. Fortunately many treatments can help against dry mouth.

Gum Inflammation (Gingivitis)

Along with the weak of white blood cells. Another problem of diabetes is thick the wall of blood vessels. This slow down the flow of nutrients and other waste materials from body tissue. Due to these combinations the body losses it’s the ability to fight against infections.

Poor healing of Oral Tissue

People with uncontrolled diabetes do not heal quickly after mouth surgery. Because the blood flow to the treatment site is damaged. If they remove the tissue from the roof of the mouth a person may feel pain for a few days. The healing process may often quick  taking  1 to 2 weeks for the mouth to heal fully but may take longer.


People with diabetes frequently take antibiotics medicines to fight against various infections. Especially the infections that cause fungus in mouth. The saliva of diabetes people contains an increased rate of fungus. Burning mouth and tongue is another problem that commonly seen. This condition also caused by the presence of thrush.

Smoking habit is higher risk in diabetes person. The chances are 20 times greater than the nonsmoking diabetic people. Smoking also blocks the flow of blood and  affects wound healing.

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