The Necessity of Dental Care for Cancer patients

Dental care


According to the reports of the current situation, the number of cancer patients is multiplying every year. The reports say that the major reason behind all kinds of cancer is our food habits and lifestyle. So, as dental experts and dental care health professionals, how can we advise these patients before, during, and after the cancer treatment? We know that our mouth is the window to the body. We take food into the body through this mouth, so care all the area instead of caring only for the affected part.

The treatment period for cancer is horrible for every patient. They have gone through a series of treatment processes that are really painful always and get affected mentally in depression. The side effects of medicines are visible mainly at the end of the treatment. These medicines affect the patient with severe oral problems. So, we have to prepare the patient prior to treatment.


Prepare the Dental patient

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Most of the patient get worried about their disease in the early stages of treatment they need good mental treatment regarding the changes they happen after the treatment period. Make them always ready to accept the changes they had. Aware them about the difficulties during the treatment period. So as dental care experts, we have to give instructions based on their oral health. There are some severe health problems they may have.


Dryness of mouth or Xerostomia

It affects the speech, chewing, and swallowing of food.


Mouth Infection

Due to the lack of immunity patients may cause mouth infection. called Oral mucositis. It causes swelling in mouth tissue as an aftereffect of chemotherapy.

Swelling and peeling off the tongue

This may appear in patients who have undergone treatment for cancer in the neck and head. This caused damage to the nerve and difficult to eat food.


Precautions to be taken with Dental care

Dental care

This is the best opportunity for a dental expert to give proper care for the patient. Two weeks before the treatment patient should be encouraged to reduce the bacterial load. In order for this purpose, assure that the mouth wash contains Corsodyl or Curasept. And confirm the toothpaste is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Also, check when these mouthwashes to be used after each brushing. The patient should be alert about the after-effects of the soft drink prescribed for lack of appetite. Aware them to avoid sugary drinks. Use fluoride contained mouth wash and toothpaste. Frequently rinse the mouth with water or mouth wash. Some patients need mouthwashes or gels for dry mouth conditions.







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