Myobrace For Kids

Crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development are some of the problems faced by most of the kids. This will badly affect their self-esteem and it is not due to the hereditary factors. But the main cause for these dental issues includes tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing etc. The cause of incorrect dental and facial development is due to these dysfunctional problems. Similarly, abnormal muscular pressures influence teeth position and dental arch. Studies reveal that the position of teeth is determined by the pressure from lips, tongue and due to childhood habits. To solve these issues from the childhood itself, Myobrace For Kids: The treatment for Crowded teeth and Incorrect Jaws has developed.

Myobrace For Kids

Causes Of  Incorrect  Jaw Development And Other Orthodontic Problems

Finger or thumb sucking, Sucking on the lip and feeding bottle, Mouth breathing, Biting Fingernail, and Thrusting tongue against teeth.

Finger sucking

Mouth breathing

Myobrace for kids is a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth without the need for braces or teeth extraction. This treatment is best suited for the children aged 3 to 15 and they need to use intra-oral appliances worn for 1 to 2 hours each day and also while sleeping.

Myobrace treatment does:

  • Correction of poor oral habits.
  • Aligns and develops the jaws.
  • Teeth straightening
  • Helps in facial development optimization.
  • Overall health development.
  • Enhances healthy eating habits.

How Does It Help The Child?

  • Helps in keeping the lips together
  • To swallow the food correctly.
  • Corrects the tongues resting position.
  • Helps in breathing through the nose.

How Does Myobrace For Kids Work?


Myobrace for kids is a system that consists of intra-oral appliances worn for one hour each day and overnight while sleeping. The appliances correct poor oral habits and expand the arch form to align teeth and jaws. Depending on the age and orthodontic problems separate appliances are used.

Treatment Stages

The treatment starts with habit correction and works through a combination of three or more appliances to correct the causes of orthodontics problems and to align the teeth as they grow. Myobrace for kids is a treatment that  includes four stages of treatment that are listed below:

  • Habit Correction treatment involves teaching the patient to breathe through the nose, retaining tongue to rest in correct position, swallow in the right way and keep lips together.
  • Arch development implements the methods to widen the upper jaw allowing sufficient space for teeth and tongue.
  • Dental Alignment helps in the alignment of teeth in natural position.
  • Retention, the final stage of Myobrace treatment aims at ensuring good and healthy oral habits and prevents the need to wear permanent retainer or wire for an extended period of time.

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