How To Manage A Cracked or Broken Tooth

How To Manage A Cracked or Broken Tooth


how to manage a cracked or broken tooth

Your teeth will be cracked and broken when you might have a bite something very hard and rough accidentally. At that time everybody thinks about how to manage a cracked or broken tooth. There are many more reasons to crack or break your teeth. The enamel that covers your teeth is hard. But its strength has limits. Over and over impact on tooth or decay can cause it damage. If you have happened so, then don’t worry about it, it can be fixed by a dentist.

How To Care For Cracked or Broken Teeth

If proper care is not given, then the cracked tooth leads to a tooth decay problem. The condition gets worse and finally get infected. If the damaged tooth causes you pain then it is better to take medication for the pain. Frequently rinse with hot salt water and do not bite hard food in the area of the affected tooth. A dentist can only confirm what damage does it causes to your tooth. The problem affected in variously. Read more about “oral health and overall health“.

Spit Tooth

The tooth may be split into two distinct segments and that cannot be repaired.

Fractured Cusp

This is usually when a chewing surface is broken down. This isn’t painful anymore.

Cracked Tooth

This tooth will have a crack from the tip of the tooth surface to the root. If proper treatment is not taken then the entire tooth will lose later. Early treatment can save your teeth. Once a dentist completes his diagnosis, then he suggests any of the following solutions according to the types of crack that occur.


Veneers are covers for your teeth. It maintains your tooth bond for nearly 30 years.

Dental Bonding

This is also called composite bonding. It is a common way used to repair a tooth that is cracked, chipped, and decayed. It is a very simple procedure unless need anesthesia for the teeth repaired is if decayed. Dental bonding is a simple and inexpensive method.


If your teeth are badly chipped or broke, and you are suffering from pain then a crown is the usual treatment. A Crown is a cap that covers your teeth. And protect teeth very well and improve the appearance too.

Root Canal

The root canal is the method of treatment that removes the nerve of affected teeth from the pulp. This is done when the damage affects the pulp of teeth inside deeply.

Dental Implant

If the root is severely damaged, then the only solution is to replace the tooth. After extracting the original tooth, you can replace it with implants.

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