Gum Inflammation / Gingivitis Symptoms and Remedies

Gum Inflammation or Gingivitis

The inflammation of the gums is seen in most of the people. This is an initial stage of gum disease. It is also called as Gingivitis. But it is not so dangerous and can be easily treated. This is caused by a particular type of plaque. The plaque is a soft but sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth or gums.

Usually, if you brush and floss daily the concentration of plaque will be lower. But if you neglect good oral habits and brush the teeth in a rush without thinking about proper hygiene the situation will become worse. The plaque will produce toxins which will give irritation to the gum tissue. This is the main reason for gingivitis.

In the early stage of gum disease, the irritation and other pain can be reversed with proper medication and cleaning. But if this situation is untreated it will affect the bone and connective tissues that hold the teeth and there may be permanent damage to your teeth or maybe to jaw bones.



Reasons for gum inflammation

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy, Menustration, puberty etc.
  • Certain medicines
  • Illness like Diabetes or immunity issues.
  • Bad habits like smoking or tobacco chewing.

Gingivitis Symptoms

The symptoms of Gingivitis are listed below.

  • Irritation of the gums and occasionally on the teeth.
  • Gum inflammation.
  • Red colored tender gums.
  • Bleeding when you brush teeth.(On a daily basis)
  • The gum may be receded or pulled out such a way that your teeth will have an elongated appearance.
  • Bad breath due to the bacterial activity.
  • Bad taste in mouth due to inflammation.


Remedies For Gum Inflammation

Prevention is better than cure. So here we list some preventive measures for Gingivitis. If you diagnosed with gum inflammation or have such symptoms immediately consult a dentist and start medication. Some medicines are needed to control the situation.

Preventive measures,

  • Don’t forget to brush and floss. And take enough time to do this. Cleaning is important to prevent gingivitis.
  • Add nutritious food to help your teeth and jaw bones.
  • Drink water and remove the existing food particles immediately after having food.
  • Avoid all types of tobacco products.
  • Try to reduce sugary food because this may increase the bacterial activity.
  • Visit our doctors and have regular checkups to understand your oral health.
What will happen if Gingivitis is untreated?

The advanced stage of gingivitis is the periodontitis. Slowly the gum and the teeth will move apart and small pockets will be created. The bacteria, as well as food particles, will be deposited in this hole and the extreme level of periodontitis starts. You need to suffer the pain. The body enzymes start to fight against the bacteria and at the same time plaque starts to conquer the gumline. Due to this activity, the tissues get destroyed. The connecting tissues and bones become weak. The depth of the pocket gradually increases and the teeth can no longer fit into the position. In the end, you will lose your teeth one by one.



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