Effect Of Stress On Teeth

All of us are tired up with a busy schedule and hectic workload. This unprecedented situations and schedules in our life bring out stress. We all know a certain level of stress is really needed in our life in order to become successful and to get more energized. Stress can severely affect our whole health as well as oral health. Stress and oral health have a link that can be beyond the level of imagination. Let us take a quick look at the relationship between stress and oral health concerns and effect of stress on teeth.

Canker Sores are spots with a white or grayish base having red borders. The reason for the sores may be due to the immune system or due to bacteria or viruses. But certainly, stress raises chances of getting it in an increased level.
Cold Sores are caused by herpes virus. These are filled with fluid and are shown around the lips. They appear under the nose or around the chin.
Stress leads you in clenching and grinding your teeth. This happens during the day or at night and you won’t realize it.
Poor Oral Hygiene may be the result of the stress. If you are under higher stress then you would have the tendency to skip brushing, flossing. Also, under stress, you may pick up unhealthy eating habits that may lead to tooth decay.
Dry mouth is a result of stress. For example, if you are having a seminar presentation or appointment your mouth will become dry and causes a lack of saliva. Saliva has many oral health benefits including washing away food particles from teeth and mouth.

Effect Of Stress On Teeth

Shortened teeth: People who grind their teeth may not be aware of this problem. Because most probably they may be doing it while they are asleep. A mouth guard is a solution to this problem.
Clicking jaw: 30% of adults experience clicking jaw in their lives. This is also referred to as temporomandibular disorder(TMD).
Bleeding gums: Consistent bleeding gums should not be ignored because it is a symptom of gingivitis caused as a result of gingivitis or periodontitis.
Bad breath or Halitosis: Estimation shows that one out of four is affected by bad breath in the UK. Stress leads to building up of stomach acids leading to compounds causing bad breath.
Biting Cheek: Cheek biting is a repetitive action linked with stress.

How To Deal with Stress?

  • First of all, find a way to manage your stress.
  • Keep up with oral hygiene techniques at home.
  • Make appointments with dentists for regular check-ups and cleanings.
  • Always stay active and have enough, plenty sleep.
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Give break time for yourself, accept things that cannot be changed and try to remain positive.

Hope you had a basic understanding of the effect of stress on teeth health. Make a call to your dentist for a consultation and make out your doubts clear. We can also conduct an examination to find if you are grinding or clenching teeth. We can also make discussions regarding the effect of stress and anxiety on teeth health. All Smiles Dental Spa, Dubai is ready to serve to all time.

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