Early childhood caries in children

Early childhood caries in children

Early childhood caries means cavities or tooth decay in small children, that is from birth to 6 years old. Children are very sensitive to tooth decay. Because their enamel on the tooth is less protective than the permanent tooth enamel. So, it is very important to monitor your child’s sugary food habit and also maintains oral hygiene. Also, maintain a routine visit to the dentist to avoid complex problems.

In beginning, the cavities are generally seen on the uppermost teeth, later spread over other teeth too. It is first seen as a white spot near the gum, and these spots are really hard to visible in the beginning. If you can find it out early, then it is very easy to treat without moving to a tooth cavity or decay. When it gets worse the white color turned in to the brown or darker shade.

Early Childhood Caries in Children

Why childhood caries occurs?

It usually occurs due to the problem of remaining the sugar particles from milk or other beverages like juice remains for long hours on your teeth. the bacteria’s love sugar process on it and turn it into acid components.  Over time, these acids destroy your child’s teeth. another reason for caries is due to the continues breastfeeding feeding the whole day and night. Especially overfeeding at night. Not only feeding but also avoid any drink other than water during the night. In the short, majority of the reason behind the early childhood caries is night foods. Hence, a correction is needed for food habits during the night time.

How to prevent childhood caries?

Avoid giving sugary drinks like juice to the child. Never let your child sleep without washing or brushing the mouth after having a tumbler of milk. The sugar in the milk can stay overnight on the teeth and causes decay.

Please be always in contact with your family dentist regarding the teeth developments of your baby. For a baby of the month, seven or eight not need to feed in the night. If they compel to feed, then giving them a milk bottle with more water content and continues this until your baby starts drinking pure water.





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