Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation is the process of rebuilding the bones in the mouth. Some people may have insufficient natural, healthy bone to support dental implants. They need to get the treatment for bone augmentation. Using this treatment the implants are securely kept inside the alveolar bone structure. The bone graft material is placed into the existing bone in the jaw and sticks to there to form the new bone.

Bone Augmentation

Reasons for Augmentation

If you need to have dental implants the jaw bones have to be healthy to hold it. Then only the dental implant can safely be held into the jaw bone. But due to some serious oral issues like gum diseases or periodontal issues or due to an accident happen to your face or jaw the bones may become weak. So to fix the dental implants is a really tough task. Also for patients who lost the teeth and left the space empty or using dentures for several years will have issues with the dental implants.

Process Of  Bone Grafting

Due to the advancement in technology the modern surgeries are painless. In the case of bone grafting, it is a painless and easy process. It is done by the periodontist or oral surgeon. If the tooth extraction and bone grafting are done at the same time, then the healing time will be reduced. But for patients who lose their teeth a long time ago needs another process.

At first, a local anaesthesia is given. Then a small incision in the gum tissue is made. Then the surgeon will insert the bone graft material to the exposed gum bone. This material contains collagen and proteins to enhance bone growth. Then this portion is s sutured properly to close the gum tissue. The graft material is completely absorbed when the new bone grows. It would take a few weeks to 9 months to complete the process. The growth of the new bone is depended upon the condition of the existing bone.

Various Bone Grafting Materials

Bone Grafting

Autograft Method:

The bone is taken from the patient itself. It may be taken from chin, hip or shin bone. For the section of bone taking from the hip, the patient needs to undergo a surgery with general anaesthesia.


The bone section is harvested from another human or cadaver.


Taking the section of a bone from animals, especially from cows.


The synthetic bone graft is developed under certain conditions in a laboratory.

The bone from each source is properly disinfected and processed in order to remove the bacteria or disease-causing elements.

Care After Bone augmentation

After the bone augmentation treatment, the dental specialist will give the instructions that you need to follow. It will take around 6 to 9 months to complete the bone regeneration process. Till this time you can’t wear dentures. Certain food items are recommended to avoid. For an antimicrobial protection, you need to use a mouthwash. Also, the dental specialist will provide the medicines to prevent infection and other discomforts.

Other Methods Of  Dental Procedures To Support Bone Growth

Sinus lift or subantral graft procedure

This treatment will increase the height of the bone in the upper jaw to support the placement of dental implants.

Ridge expansion

This surgical procedure widens the upper jaw. The bone is divided and bone graft material is placed in that area to create a new bone which will widen the upper jaw.

Distraction osteogenesis

This allows a shorter bone to made into a long bone. During the surgery, the bone is cut and a dis-tractor pulls the two pieces of bone apart slowly and the new bone forms to fill the space.

Alveolar ridge preservation / Socket Preservation

This will reduce the bone loss after the tooth extraction. This method also prevents the bone resorption.

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