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how to stop bleeding- Treatment for bleeding gums

Treatment for bleeding gums -; While you brush your teeth and spit out you can see a pink or light red colour in that. This is due to bleeding of your gums. A small amount of bleeding may not be a problem. But if you see this regularly then you must meet your dentist. This can be due to many dental issues. Don’t ignore it.

In the beginning, you may not feel the pain and irritations. This condition is called Gingivitis. But later it will be painful. Bleeding gums cause inflammation. You can identify bleeding gums by symptoms like swollen, tender or red gums, bad taste, and breath. You can see this symptom in the visible part of your mouth. So if you can’t see consider your dentist immediately. Pockets can form between your teeth and gums due to bleeding gum issue. The plaque in your mouth will enter into these pockets and start damaging your gum and teeth. Here the Gingivitis turns into Periodontists. This is a serious condition. It damages the bone that supports teeth and soft tissues.

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There are many ways to eliminate your bleeding gum issues and improve your oral health. They are:

  • Brush Regularly

brush regularly

By using a soft toothbrush, brush your tooth regularly in a circular motion. It will help to prevent bleeding gums and strengthen the tissues.

  • A regular visit to your Dentist

Regular visit to your Dentist - Treatment for bleeding gums


To remove the plaque and tartar you should do a cleaning. This process needs a dentist. You can’t do this at home. So take an appointment and clean your teeth.

  • Do Floss

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Flossing will prevent bleeding gums. It will help you to get a good oral health. We need to be sure that we are using the correct technique while flossing.

  • Quit Smoking

bleeding gums treatments

Smoking can cause gum diseases. So avoid all tobacco products. Gum disease is an infection of the gums and can affect the bone structure that supports your teeth.




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