Best Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth Whitening – The Best Foods To Eat

Foods for teeth whitening
We all know there are many treatments that help you to get back your white colour of the teeth. How many of you are aware of the foods that can whiten the teeth? There are some foods that help your teeth to shine more brightly. We all love white teeth but some people suffer from pale colour or stained teeth issues. So go with the best treatments and some go with foods. So what are those foods? Have a look

⦁ Strawberries

Foods for teeth whitening

Strawberries are rich in malic acid. Do you know the speciality of malic acid? They act as a bleaching agent. If you check the contents in the commercially available whitening products you can see the name malic acid. In strawberries, the key ingredient is malic acid and it will help to whiten your teeth naturally. The plaques in your mouth will also be removed while eating strawberries because the vitamin C in  strawberries help to remove the plaques.

          ⦁ Celery

Celery is rich in water content and its fibrous cellulose acts like a toothbrush. So while chewing it your teeth will become whiter and your gums will become healthy. By chewing it all the tooth stain will go.

           ⦁ Apple

foods for teeth whitening
Apple is also rich in malic acid which is a natural bleaching agent. So by eating apples it will scrubs away stains and bacterias in your mouth and leads to the natural white colour of your teeth.

        ⦁ Broccoli

Iron is one of the key contents in broccoli this will help to maintain and protect the teeth enamel. This will remove the stains in the teeth and you will get that natural white colour teeth.

      ⦁ Onions

To get the best result you should eat raw onions. While chewing the onion it releases thiosulfinates and thiosulfonates which are good in reducing the bacterias in the mouth. This leads to remove plaques and you will get healthy teeth.

      ⦁ Cheese

Cheese contains calcium and phosphorus and it strengthens the teeth and gums. Cheese will not stain to your teeth (most of them) so you can eat it without any tension.

  •  Water

Drinking water always helps to teeth from stains. Water will wash out the stains and plaques on your teeth and leads to healthy teeth

  • Pineapple

foods for teeth whitening

Bromelain is a natural stain remover and pineapple is rich in bromelain. This is also good at preventing tooth erosion and protects the teeth from cavities. Plaques can be also removed.

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