• What are the Causes of Dental Anxiety

    What are the Causes of Dental Anxiety

    Causes of Dental Anxiety Dentists are traditionally feared by many due to their nasty reputation. Reputation instead of anything is responsible for why many of us fear a visit to the dentist. most importantly, If you get seriously tensed up at just the thought of visiting a dentist, you’re presumably to be affected by Causes of Dental Anxiety or Emetophobia which is that the fear of receiving care or the dentist himself. People affected with dental

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  • Dental Calculus and its Occurrence,Formation and Prevention

      Dental Calculus is a dental plaque composed primarily of calcium phosphate mineral salts deposited between the remnants of formerly viable microorganisms. It is of two types- supra- and subgingival calculus. Levels of calculus and location of formation are population specific. These are affected by oral hygiene habits, access to professional care, diet, age, ethnic origin, time

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