A smile lights up your face and makes you attractive. White teeth make your smile even more beautiful and build up your confidence level. We try out new fashions to make you more alluring. New trends emerge including tattooing, oral jewellery etc. A new and innovative trend emerged ie, tooth jewellery. Make your smile even more beautiful and dazzling with top quality jewellery in the tooth. All Smiles Dental Spa provides the best tooth jewellery in Dubai.

What Is Tooth Jewellery?tooth jewellery in Dubai

Tooth Jewellery is an accessory placed on the front portion of the tooth. There are different jewellery designs that you can choose and can pick depending on your wish. Nowadays Tooth jewels are rising trend. You can either place the gem or precious metal charm to tooth interim or as long as you want it to be there. The main advantage is that it won’t cause any harm to harm to the teeth since it is reversible. You can have your favourite color gems, birthstones in your teeth.

Tooth Jewelry needs no pre-treatment and is bonded to the tooth in the same way as an orthodontic bracket.

Types Of Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery consists of crystals of glass mount on an aluminium foil. It is available in 3 different colors that include ruby red, sapphire blue and crystal clear and the size ranges between 1.8m, 2.6mm.

Advantage Of Procedure

Tooth jewellery is a trending fashion now. Let us see the advantages of the procedures.

  • Tooth jewellery induces no pain.
  • It won’t cause damage to the tooth.
  • Tooth jewellery causes no infection.
  • Easily removable.
  • This treatment adds attractiveness and beauty to the smile.

All Smiles Dental Spa’s Approach To Embedding Tooth Jewellery In Dubaitooth jewelry in Dubai - all smiles dental spa

You are always welcome to All Smiles Dental Spa for Tooth Jewellery in Dubai. Expert dentists with hands-on experience do the procedure. Also, we help you by serving for cosmetic dentistry or just a routine exam or cleaning. We respect and understand your schedules and care to make your experience pleasant and pain-free.

Our expert Dentists takes care of patients inputs and make treatments feel at ease. If you are in search of high-quality dental care and procedures in a comfortable setting, with embracing staff and latest technology, then All Smiles Dental Spa is the best and right place for you.

Don’t hesitate, feel free to contact the Counsellor for booking an appointment.

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