Maxillofacial Surgery Dubai

A dentist who is specialized in treating the dental issues, injuries, and problems in head, neck and face area. Patients need to go under the knife to get the defects on their head, neck, jaw (maxillofacial), oral and face area corrected and boost their overall appearance.

Our appearance is related to our face and we need to take care of our teeth and the overall mouth for a perfect face. A maxillofacial surgeon helps to improve your face structure in order to attain the better face.

Maxillofacial surgery Dubai

Features Of Maxillofacial Surgery Dubai

We are specialized in giving dental treatments in the below areas:

  • Treat head and neck cancer

The head and neck based cancer is a rare but critical issue for a human. All Smiles Multispecialty Dental Spa has a full-fledged unit for curing head and neck cancer.

  • Carry out cosmetic facial surgery to correct the jaw line and improve the overall facial appearance

The cosmetic facial surgery gots wide popularity in Dubai. This surgery will correct the jawline and helps to develop the best appearance for you.

  • Craniofacial surgery/Pediatric Maxillofacial surgery/Cleft Surgery

Craniofacial Surgery: This surgery is to correct the deformities in the head, skull, face, neck, and jaws. This surgical subspecialty needs great experience as well as patience.

Pediatric Maxillofacial surgery Dubai: This surgery is basically for children who got severe damages in an accident or due to any other reasons. The skull, jaws and other facial bones may get fracture while playing, or driving bicycles. These injuries may become severe and need to get immediate medical assistance.

Cleft Surgery: The cleft lip or cleft palate is a birth based deformity. In this case, the upper lip may not be formed correctly. The palate repair surgery is performed in the All Smiles Dental Spa.

  • Correct head and neck area by doing plastic surgery

The plastic surgery may be required in some cases to cover the problems occurred to head and the neck.

  • Use advanced stem cell technique to reform the facial area with Maxillofacial regeneration

The stem cell-based bone cell regeneration is performed in All Smiles Multispecialty Dental Spa. This is a part of new and advanced genetical engineering.