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What is Endodontics

Endodontics is one of the major specialty areas in dentistry, (total nine dental specialty areas are recognized) which is recognized by ADA (American Dental Association). The study and treatment of the dental pulp and the surrounding tissues around the roots of a tooth are termed as the dental specialty branch Endodontics. As most of the medical terms evolved from Greek, this is also evolved from two Greek words. “Endo” means “inside” and “odont” means “tooth” in Greek. So “Endodontic” is the treatment deep inside tooth means the treatment of root canals, sensitive living tissues, blood vessels and nerves inside it. The soft and sensitive tissues inside the tooth are also called “pulp” which is the main focus on endodontics. Endodontics is the treatment given to the patients who are prone to dental pulp. Our Endodontist in Barsha at ‘All Smiles Dental Spa’ is giving the best endodontic services in Dubai.

There are different types of treatment or procedures followed by an endodontist; including root canal therapy, endodontic surgery, crooked teeth, cracked teeth and fighting dental trauma. An endodontist will basically a dentist, who is specialized in endodontics with his post-graduate degree. Endodontist in Barsha at ‘All Smiles Dental Spa’ is specialized to save your teeth with root canal treatments when a tooth’s pulp is got infected. Our Endodontist in Barsha at ‘All Smiles Dental Spa’ is specially trained to use the most advanced techniques like 3D X-rays or digital imaging systems, operating microscopes, ultrasonic instruments, fiber optics etc. to give the most effective and comfortable treatments to our patients.

Endodontists – Root Canal Therapy

Painful dental injuries, untreated tooth decay etc. can cause infection on a tooth’s pulp. In this situation, a root canal therapy is required to save your teeth. Root canal therapy is the widely embraced dental treatment if the dental pulp of the patient is damaged or diseased. This treatment is carried out to retain the tooth. An endodontist who is specialized in treating pulp can do this effectively and efficiently.

A root canal treatment starts by removing the infected and dead pulp tissue. Before starting the procedures normally gives a local anesthesia to the treating area. After that, a hole is made on the affected tooth to remove the infected and dead tissues. Then, after removing unwanted tissues, it is filling with a sterile and biocompatible filler. Now the tooth is sealed against reinfection.

Root canal treatments give you relief from pulp inflammation and severe pain. This treatment generally causes little discomfort; But has a success rate of more than 90%. It helps to save a tooth that would otherwise have been lost. In modern dentistry, saving the natural tooth is the primary goal and hence an endodontist’s work is very much valuable.

Endodontist – Consultation

Other than the root canal treatments, endodontists do endodontic surgical procedures such as ‘apicoectomy’ to remove infected tissues from the tip of tooth’s root, endodontic retreatment where root canal treatment was not effective; And treat pulp damage for painful dental injuries. When you are in a difficult situation to take a decision about your tooth to save or extract, an endodontists advice will be extremely helpful to take the correct decision. In situations where you have some non-specific and confusing tooth pain, or if you feel any complication may happen in your dental treatment, it is always better to consult an endodontist. If you have a cracked or fractured tooth, a serious dental injury, or a pain from pulp inflammation you must consult an endodontist than a normal dentist. Get your appointment for the best dental clinic in Dubai.