Paediatric Dentist in DubaiPaediatric Dental Specialist

Dr. Ann P Tharakan M.D.S, MBA (TQM); currently working as a Paediatric Dentist at All Smiles Dental Spa, Dubai, UAE.

Dr. Ann is a child focused dentist, Who makes the visit enjoyable for kids and relaxing for adults, she is experienced in treating children with anxiety, and high dental needs. She advocates and promotes prevention of dental diseases and passionately believes in teaching good habits from early age. Her specialties include comprehensive dental consultation, Root canal for kids teeth, oral habit modification, Pre-orthodontics and space management for young children.

Paediatric Dentist Dubai

At All Smiles Dent Spa, we target giving quality dental consideration to kids. We give essential, exhaustive preventive, helpful oral medical services for kids. Out paediatric dentists can treat all type of teeth decay problems. Paediatric Dentists of All Smiles Dent Spa provide consultation,  treatments like root canal for kids.

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