Gum Bleaching Dubai  – All smiles multi-speciality Dental Spa, Al Barsha mall, Dubai

Gum depigmentation, also known as Gum Bleaching is a new treatment service offered in Barsha, at ‘All Smiles Multi Speciality Dental Spa’. This treatment will be a milestone in our entire service history. People do cosmetic dentistry to satisfy their aesthetic beauty concepts. Gum Bleaching or Gum depigmentation can help many people to regain their confidence to smile beautifully. We offer world-class Gum Bleaching Dubai Service.

Causes of Gum Pigmentation

Gum depigmentation is the procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to remove the stain or pigmentation on your gums. The common reason for the dark pigmentation on the gum is genetics. The accumulation of excess melanin on the gum causes the gum to look in brown or black instead of pink. This may be common in people those who have a smoking habit. This excess pigmentation does not indicate any disease condition or any kind of infection. As because of the beauty concept of people this can be treated.


For this treatment, laser equipment called BIOLASE laser is used. It is the original laser device imported from the US. Melanocytes are cells which reside in the outer layer of the gum. And these cells produce melanin that causes dark or black colour pigmentation on the gum and oral mucosa. The laser treatment procedure removes the pigmented layer from the gum. Then it is replaced with new natural healthy pink skin within a few days.

It is absolutely a painless procedure that nearly takes 30 to 45 minutes. And no side effects at all and can go back to your normal oral activities very soon. This treatment is effective for people whose dark colour gums are visible when they smile. Thus, it spoils the appearance of the face, and it affects their confidence, making them conscious while speaking and smiling.

All Smiles Multi Speciality Dental Spa offers best services in Dubai in an affordable range of price. Assure the results very soon after the treatment.