All Smiles Dental Spa - Privilege Medical Card

Privilege Medical CardFor us, patients are the first priority who played a crucial role in our amazing journey. We have introduced a privilege medical card to honor the relationship. All Smiles Multispecialty Dental Spa provides family dental health privilege card as an exclusive offer to all the patients. Using this card they will get treatment at pocket-friendly rates. Activating this card let patients receive special care, quick appointments, and discounts on dental treatments as a token for their continuous support and trust in us.

On the privilege medical cards, cardholders get special offers on special days and can have access to all dental campuses that are conducted by our clinic. Privilege card can be used by the patients once every six months. We strongly believe that the privilege card with allow customers get the best dental care. This card is an additional help for patients to get rid of all dental concerns without worrying about the cost of treatment.

All Smiles Dental Spa introduced this card to provide the best dental care in Dubai. As you know that we are serving the patients with world-class quality amenities. This will help the patients to relax and actively participate in the treatment. Using the privilege card a person can avail all the dental services with an ease.