The major duty of a Dentist is to cure your dental problems .Major aspects of this profession is discipline, patience, commitment. Along with hard work and dedication, a Dentist needs to constantly update according to changing technology and work with empathy. Here we introduce the most experienced and best Indian Dentist in Dubai!

The job prospects of a Dentist involves oral health of the patients. Whereas a dental specialist who is specialized in a particular field in-order to treat various irregularities of the teeth. Now let us give an overview about all the expert Dentists (Indian Dentist in Dubai) working in All Smiles Dental Spa. As an Indian dental clinic in Dubai, we have experienced and specialized Indian doctors in Dubai. We owe to provide quality in-depth case consultation and service for every patient that we come across.

Dental Spa Dubai

Indian Dentist In Dubai Presiding Various Departments

Now we will have a quick look at Indian Dentists in Dubai and the services provided by them. We have various specialists regarding i.e; Orthodontist, Pedodontics, Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon in our clinic. Who can help you to maintain and treat your oral related issues.

Suggesting You The Topmost Orthodontists

An Orthodontist involves in detection, study, prevention, and correction of the irregularities in tooth position. Alignment of teeth can affect the appearance and the food habits of a person. There are special appliances and devices available to fix these irregularities, such as braces, Invisalign. Our clinic also has an Orthodontist specialized in Lingual Orthodontics. It is a system that encompasses diagnosis, treatment, clinical and laboratory procedures.

Kids Dental Specialist

Our Pedodontics (Pediatric dentist) is bound to deal with the general practice of dentistry for patients under 20 years. Maintaining oral hygiene and oral health is very important especially in its initial developing years. Carry out constant and regular checkups to ensure the teeth are cavity free. Also, take care of their oral health and need to treat oral related issues.

Acquaint With The Prosthodontist

A Prosthodontist needs to provide artificial substitutes or dentures for missing teeth and also specialize in crown and bridge treatment. Crown gives out natural looking treatment options for patients. The bridge is a replacement option that serves to replace a space for one or more teeth.

Presenting You The Oral Surgeon In Dubai

Oral Surgeons are bound to do wisdom tooth removal and gum surgeries. If wisdom teeth are in an abnormal position, not grown through the gum, etc. Similarly, if you are having gum disease then the dentist may recommend undergoing surgery. Several types of gum disease are present, it is due to a bacterial infection that infects gum tissue causing inflammation, swelling, etc. When this disease gets advanced and affects the roots of teeth. Therefore, these teeth may become loose and the patient will require gum surgery. As one of the best dental clinics, we provide you with the best Indian Dental Surgeon.

Malayali Dentist In Dubai

All Smiles Dental Spa Dubai has expert and renowned Malayali dentists. Our main and well-known dentists are Dr.Titus Peter and Dr. Smily Titus. Dr. Titus Peter is a professional oral surgeon who specializes in wisdom tooth removal and in gum surgery. He had done Implantology from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Implantology is the dentistry branch concerned with dental implants. Usually, in dental implants, an artificial tooth is inserted into the jawbone. Wisdom tooth removal is done only, if those teeth are partially emerged or are crooked. Gum surgery protects teeth from damaging effects of gum disease or recession.

Dr. Smily Titus is an expert Malayali prosthodontist who is a crown and bridge specialist. Also, she is a Lumineers certified dentist. Lumineers are actually a brand of porcelain veneers. Lumineers are created by DenMat Company. She is a spot on DenMat’s referral list. She had also done Implantology from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Thus, here we are for your Dental Care, reach out to us for your oral well being.