Aligning the jawline and treating the crooked or misaligned teeth comes under the department of Orthodontic. Today, there exist various ways of treatment options. All of these treatment methods are prescribed based on the need and necessity of the patients. Clear Aligner or Invisalign treatment without braces is a very latest technology adopted to clear your jaw misalignment or crooked tooth alignment. All smiles dental Spa at Al Barsha has now engaged in the treatment with Clear Aligner treatment without braces Dubai.



All of us need a beautiful tooth naturally, but this isn’t possible for everyone. Orthodontic treatments are for correcting this problem. The usual treatment is to align the jaw and tooth position with braces. Different types of braces are available for this purpose. But everyone looking for treatment without wearing a brace. All smiles Dental Spa Dubai provides with Invisalign treatment without using braces.

Aligners are the clear plastic tray, that is custom made and often transparent too. They are fitted on the upper and lower jaw and can be easily removed. The biggest advantage is that it is invisible and easy to maintain. You can start your treatment with the advice of your dentist regarding its use. This treatment allows patients to straighten their teeth without wearing wires or brackets. And can avoid the irritations and let them chew or bite hard food items as usual.

Advantages of Clear Aligners or Invisalign


Patience can eat anything they want. One of the top benefits of Invisalign is that there are no food restrictions for this treatment. It is virtually Invisible and easy maintenance. Another great benefit of Invisalign is that the trays are invisible. Also, the duration of treatment is comparatively less. Thus it saves your time. Finally, it improves your dental health.

The Invisalign system is blended with 3D computer graphics technology along with the old methods of orthodontics. This type of treatment move your teeth slowly and put them in the right position as suggested by the orthodontist. All aligner is made by taking the correct measurements of the teeth so that it easily fits in your mouth. The aligners have to be changed on a frequent basis on each phase of the treatment plan. Book your appointment right now for clear aligner treatment without braces Dubai.