Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction required?

Wisdom tooth extraction in Al Barsha, Dubai

Wisdom tooth extraction (tooth extraction) is required when it is misaligned in the mouth. Misalignment of wisdom tooth can cause damage to the adjacent teeth or the nerves or jawbone. In such situations wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary.

Wisdom teeth are the last and third set of molars that are mostly developed in the early teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth are really useful and valuable to the mouth when they are properly aligned in the mouth.

A wisdom tooth can be sometimes impacted. They may partially erupt through the gum. Partial eruption or breakthrough of the wisdom tooth can cause the bacteria to enter through the opening around the tooth and cause infection. Infection around teeth may lead to swelling, jaw stiffness and other general illness like fever. The awkward positioning of wisdom teeth makes it hard to reach them for the brushes. Since the misaligned wisdom tooth or partially erupted teeth won’t allow proper brushing and flossing, they are more prone to dental problems like tooth plaque, infections, and decay.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental service offering at almost all dental clinics in Al Barsha, Dubai. If you have any such dental problems, visit our clinic, “All Smiles Dental Spa”, the multi-specialty dental clinic in Dubai. We have a good team of dentists specialized in various dental departments. They can help you to solve any complicated dental issues. We have an experienced and well qualified oral surgeon who can do the oral procedure to do the wisdom tooth removal as a simple process. The procedures will be done very carefully without causing much pain and within few days itself, it will be healed back to normal.

Situations when ‘Wisdom Tooth Extraction’ required are given below.

  • Wisdom tooth is impacted in the mouth – Since the wisdom teeth are positioned in the extreme backside/ inside of your mouth, they may not be able to come out in normal. Sometimes, they may get trapped between your jawbones or gums. This situation causes severe pain and hence wisdom tooth extraction is required.
  • Wisdom tooth at the wrong angle – When a wisdom tooth is not properly aligned with your other teeth and developed at a wrong angle, it can cause pressing against other teeth. In this situation also wisdom tooth removal is the only option you can decide.
  • Your mouth is not big enough to give space for all teeth – When your mouth is small and has a jaw that has no space for an extra set of molars, you need to remove the wisdom tooth to avoid other dental issues caused by this.
  • Your wisdom tooth has cavities or gum disease – Since the wisdom teeth are placed at the extreme inner side of your mouth, it may be difficult for you to clean them with a toothbrush or dental floss. This will cause bacterial infections and leads to dental problems like tooth cavities or gum diseases. In such situation also wisdom tooth removal is the only thing you can do to maintain the dental health.

Things to take care of ‘Wisdom Tooth Extraction’

When you meet the oral surgeon to talk about the ‘ wisdom tooth extraction’ process,

  • You should talk about the general health problems you have.
  • Should inform any allergy or reactions to any medicines.
  • The name and details of drugs or medicines you are taking regularly.

Come and visit the expert Oral surgeon at All Smiles Dental Spa, Dubai to clarify your concerns regarding the wisdom tooth extraction.

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