Teeth Whitening Myths & Facts


A beautiful smile is the combination of one’s attitude as well as the color of the teeth. If a dull, stainful teeth are there then we will worry to mingle with people. Because we know the color of the teeth is important while smiling. Teeth whitening can increase your smile confidence.

So what is the actual color of your teeth? Is that white? Or which shade of white?

People are running here and there to find solutions to whiten their teeth. But we are still not sure about the exact color of our teeth. As a usual concept, we believe that the white color is the best color for teeth. But the teeth enamel will have a pale white color which does not look like actual white. And due to our food consumption and lifestyle, the color of the teeth will change. At this point, we may need to use teeth whitening techniques.

Teeth Whitening tips

In this post, we would like to share some of the myths related to teeth whitening. Hope you will enjoy reading this!

Myth 1

You can whiten your teeth using Baking soda

Fact: We heard about this technique quite a few times. But the reality is the baking soda will damage the ratio of good and bad bacterias in your mouth.

Myth 2

Rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide will give whiter teeth

Fact: Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical agent. While using it with teeth it will produce free radical reactions. This is the same as age living tissues.

Myth 3

Using Whitening Toothpaste & Whitening Gum

Fact: The whitening toothpaste and whitening gums contains a very low amount of whitening agents. They couldn’t provide a result as you wish. And the whitening agents need to be on your teeth for at least 20 minutes to have a color change.

Myth 4

All whitening gels are the same

Fact: Here we are talking about 2 types of whitening gels. Professional and at-home ones. But we need to understand that professional whitening gels are stronger and need extra care. But at-home whitening gels are made for an easy use. That means they are weak in whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening gels contain various active ingredients with different levels. So all whitening gels are not the same.

Myth 5

Strong whitening gels are the best

Fact: Even though professional whitening gels contain more amount of active ingredients we couldn’t recommend it as safe. When the strong whitening elements are present it won’t give results too long. And it may severely affect our teeth. So better to use mild teeth whitening gels.

Myth 6

Teeth whitening is needed to done only once

Fact: The color change occurred in the teeth whitening process is permanent. But we are human beings and we have a growth rate. This growth rate, as well as food habits, may reduce the color of our teeth when we become old.

Myth 7

Strawberries & Lemons are best for teeth whitening

Fact: We could easily get these 2 things. But we need to understand that these fruits contain acids. And these acids will slowly eat up our enamel. Without enamel our teeth are weak. So this method will give permanent damage for your teeth.

Myth 8

UV Light will give brighter teeth

Fact: We didn’t get any clarification from any agencies relating to this. We all know the UV light is harmful to our health. And if we are using UV lights it may seriously damage our lips, teeth, face and even eyes!

Myth 9

Dental Crowns & Veneers Can be whitened

Fact: The dental crowns and veneers are made using porcelain surfaces and the whitening gel only works with natural teeth. If you are doing teeth whitening then replace your crowns in order to match it with new color shade.

Myth 10

Teeth Whitening can be done at all ages

Fact: Teeth whitening for children is not advisable. Because teeth whitening process will damage their live tissues. It may give them more problem in the future.

Follow this method in day to day life and smile at the world

if you are planning for teeth whitening then please visit a dentist. He or she can advice you properly. And try to understand the above myths and facts!

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