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This special blog series discusses the oral health tips in detail. This blog is intended to provide maximum information about dental problems and available solutions. Read fantastic blog posts about oral health daily. Keep updated with the new technologies and treatments in dentistry. Improve your oral hygiene by practicing the tips provided in this blog. To maintain the oral health throughout your life you need to change some of your eating habits. Change them in order to experience the best smile!

    • JANUARY 22, 2018
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    Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction required? Wisdom tooth extraction (tooth extraction) is required when it is misaligned in the mouth. Misalignment of wisdom tooth can cause damage to the adjacent teeth or the nerves or jawbone. In such situations wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary. Wisdom teeth are the last and third set of molars that are mostly

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    • OCTOBER 29, 2019
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    Why does Toothache Hurt More at Night?

    Experienced toothache hurt at night more? Do you ever wonder why toothache is worse at night? In general, toothache hurts at night more as a result of fewer distractions. Yet, if you get up with dental pain, this may be a sign you’re grinding your teeth while you sleep. Continue reading to find out the

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    • FEBRUARY 13, 2019
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    Why Are Child’s Permanent Teeth Growing In Yellow

    Permanent Teeth Growing In Yellow This is one of the most common questions from parents of 6 and 7 year-olds. There are many reasons why your child’s permanent teeth growing in yellow. The most common reason for this, the intrinsic color difference between the permanent teeth and baby teeth. We hear this concern frequently at

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    • MARCH 10, 2020
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    When to Consider Braces for Your Children

    When to Consider Braces for Your Children? Still, having concern? With recent advancements in orthodontics and dentistry, more and more children are receiving care to assist their adult teeth to grow properly. This kind of treatment is both proactive and reactive, getting to fix one problem now so their teeth can stay healthy for the

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    • JANUARY 16, 2024
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    What is Wisdom Tooth Removal and Can it Be Prevented?

    What is Wisdom Tooth Removal and Can it Be Prevented?

    Dealing with the discomfort caused by wisdom teeth is a common dental concern that many individuals face. While the prospect of wisdom tooth removal may seem daunting, it’s crucial to comprehend the reasons behind its necessity. Wisdom teeth, the third molars, typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 25, earning their name from the

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    • NOVEMBER 28, 2019
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    What is the Reasons For Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    Wisdom Teeth & Reason For Wisdom Teeth Removal Wisdom teeth are third molars that erupt during your late teens to early twenties. In general, knowledge teeth erupt between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. The reason for Wisdom Teeth Removal is recommended because it causes some health issues. WHY SHOULD I HAVE MY WISDOM TEETH REMOVED Wisdom Teeth Removal in

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    General Dentistry focuses on the diagnosis of the dental patient, given treatment and supervise the dental condition of the patient.

  • Pediatric Dentistry

    Dentist who is specialized in treating the dental problems in children right from their birth to adolescence is termed as Pediatric

  • Prosthodontic Dentistry

    Prosthodontic Dentist mainly focuses on treating the patients with missing tooth, broken tooth, cracked tooth and also the

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic Dentistry is the dental work carried out to boost the appearance of teeth and improve smiles. The main motto of this

  • Endodontic Dentistry

    Endodontic is the treatment given to the patients who are prone to dental pulp.There are different types of treatment procedures

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    Orthodontic dentists are specialized in aligning the jaw line, treating the crooked and misaligned teeth by using the state-of

  • Maxillofacial Surgery Dubai

    Dentist who is specialized in treating the dental issues, injuries and problems in head, neck and face area.

  • Periodontic Dentistry

    This field of dentistry focuses on treating the supporting structure of teeth, including supporting tissues also called as

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    All Smile Multispecialty Dental Spa has the X-Ray unit that is in top-notch condition. For a dentist, X-ray is a critical part of a