Leukoplakia Treatment

Leukoplakia Treatment

The main symptom of leukoplakia disease is the thick white patches on the gums, inside portion of cheeks, mouth and sometimes in and around the tongue. These patches are thick and can’t be scraped off.

leukoplakia treatment

These white patches are based on the use of tobacco. If you chew or smoke tobacco this situation may arise. The white patches are most times noncancerous. But sometimes it shows an early indication of cancer. If you have any persistent changes or color changes to these white patches it is better to consult a dentist immediately.


Following are the major reasons for leukoplakia

  • Tobacco chewing or using tobacco in any other form (smokeless tobacco also has the same issues)
  • Broken or sharp teeth rubbed to the tongue.
  • Misplaced dentures or braces.
  • Long-term alcohol uses.
  • If you have the habit of both smoking and consumption of alcohol, the chances of having leukoplakia are high.

 Symptoms Of Leukoplakia

The texture of Leukoplakia is like whiteish or grey color patches in the mouth and it can’t be wiped off. They also really thickened or hardened and we can feel the thickness. Some cancerous leukoplakia is seen in the mouth with raised, red lesions.

Hairy leukoplakia

Hairy leukoplakia

Hairy leukoplakia has white patches like folds or ridges which is seen on the sides of the tongue. Usually, it is mistaken as oral thrush. Oral thrush is seen in people who have weakened the immune system. This also has creamy white patches that can be wiped away. The hairy leukoplakia is formed when you are infected with the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). Once this virus infected in your body it will never move away. Actually, the treatments make this virus dormant. But if you have any immunity disorders or diseases attacking immunity power this virus will be reactivated and problems in the mouth seen.

Consulting A Doctor

Leukoplakia treatment is very important otherwise it is dangerous to your health. The leukoplakia will not give any discomfort to you at first. But these patches may become a more serious problem when you neglect its presence.

The following symptoms give alert to you to inform your doctor about your condition.

  • White plaques or sores or wounds that didn’t heal after 2 weeks of formation.
  • White, red or dark patches or lumps in the mouth.
  • Regular change to the tissues of your mouth.
  • While swallowing food you have ear pain.
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth or especially jaw.

So feel free to contact your dentist at All Smiles Dental Spa and have a talk freely about the issues you come across.

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